Ngam @ Jalan Maarof, Bangsar

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I had this intense craving for their Thai noodles after seeing my friend @walauwei kept posting the dishes of Ngam on instagram. Not just that. But also the lovely little tiny colourful dessert luuk chuup. I was like… ahhhh, I can get this in KL??? *tear of joy*

So I grabbed my gang of co-colleagues and headed over after work to …



Located in between the Toyota Showroom and Zaibi Motor in Bangsar (I wazed but it brought me to somewhere else, please use google map instead), this is a new Thai eatery that serve pretty additive Tom Yum Noodles. The interior is pretty simple; resembling the food stall in Thailand, with a bit of pub style and a little vintage. Another great thing is… parking is free!


Cha Yen (Rm 5)
Thai Iced Tea was pretty aromatic and exactly the same like what you can get in Thailand. But then I find the portion is a quite small.


Kai-Tod-Gleua (Rm 7)
Aromatic Thai style fried chicken, marinated with lots of herbs and lemongrass.


Fish Cake (Rm 7)


Creamy Tom Yum Noodle BigBowl (Rm 18)
Their signature tom yum noodle was loaded with lots of oyster mushroom, egg and 2 prawns. The thin kuey teow was smooth and silky; each strand of the noodles adsorbed the super delicious creamy tom yum soup. If you are a fan of tom yum, this is really your thing. Trust me!!! We couldn’t help digging in the tom yum soup and licked clean the bowl. It was very appetizing and addictive; creamy and sourish, dosed with mild hint of spiciness at the same time. *gulped* Just too good!


If you fancy a super version which is loaded with giant prawn, salmon, mussles, squid, fish ball and all sort of seafood, go for their SuperBowl which is priced at Rm 98 and can served up to 3 to 4 pax. You can reserve before you head over to avoid disappointment, coz only limited bowls available daily.


Tom Yum Seafood Fried Rice (Rm 16)
The fried rice was heavily dosed with tom yum paste and on the appetizing sourish side. Not to our liking as the rice was moist and sticky form.


Thai Crispy Squid Omelette with Tom Yum Soup (Rm 14)
Love the omelette! And of course tom yum soup too! Wish the omelette is on the a la carte menu and we would happily order it as extra dish to go with the fried rice or even noodle!


Red Ruby (Rm 7)
Their signature dessert, with pretty red water chestnuts and sweet nangka slices in the pool of whitish fragrant coconut milk. A nice sweet ending but it was on the sweeter side. We couldn’t finish up the coconut milk.


Tiny colourful dessert luuk chuup. So cute!!!

Lot. 61, Jalan Maarof,
Bangsar Baru,
59000 Kuala Lumpur.
Located in between Toyota Showroom and Zaibi Motor

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7 thoughts on “Ngam @ Jalan Maarof, Bangsar”

  • Love reading your blog and all the pictures captured are so lively and make me drool each time 🙂

    mosquitomunz ^^

    • Thank you dear for your compliment.
      you should really try this out especially the tom yum noodle. it is really good! big bowl can be too huge for a person. go for regular one if you are a smaller eater. 🙂

    • try this try this! you sure like it if you fancy tomyum. this one is pretty good and addictive too! one will never get enough of their tom yum soup!

  • Looks so yummy! The best tom yam I’ve tasted so far was in Langkawi & the chef is from Thai. I will try Ngam tom yam whether can beat with my favourite place or not

    • do try it out but i think they have relocated to somewhere else. remember to google their new place before heading over ya.

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