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I was drooling over Kampungboycitygal’s post on this Thai food place. So I saved it down and gonna make visit if I were nearby to this area.

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Isan Thai Restaurant

Located here in Segambut, Isan Thai Restaurant is a true Thai place serving authentic Northeastern Thai dishes that are laden with herbs and spices. The menu is pretty extensive, with pages and pages of delicious looking dishes with photos. You may also find some usual family orders such as grilled pork neck, fried chicken, mango salad, a variety of tom yum and curries, stall style beef noodles…. Etc and they are all filled with aroma and wok hei. If you are into marinated seafood, they have them too! Best of all, dishes here are priced very reasonably!

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The indoor setting with air-conditioned is rather small as the kitchen and drinks counter have occupied the space but they do offer an al fresco dining space. However, it can be quite warm during the hot sunny days, and especially when you are chomping on chilies, spices, herbs and all LOL.

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Pandan Water

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Yum Mamaung – Green Mango Salad (Rm 15)
My must order and every time I come here, I am ordering this! Came with quite a huge amount of green mango and appetizing with a spicy kick! Love it!

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Tod Mun Pla – Fried Fish Cake (Rm 15)
Thin pieces, well spiced, deep fried into perfection and served with Thai chili sauce. It was dosed with real amount of spices.

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Pad Krapow Rice Set (Rm 13)
Spicy stir fried pork served with rice. This was very fiery and heated! But it gave a syok sweating moment! Lol. Filled with lots of wok hei and you get to see real lots of pounded chilies and spices in the stir fried minced pork. For those who couldn’t take much heat, please think twice ya or ask for lesser spiciness (but I think I asked for less spicy hmm). You may also top up the fried egg at Rm 2, for a yolk-porn moment.

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Pad Pak Kood – Stir Fried Paku (Rm 15)

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Kor Moo Yang – BBQ Pork Neck Fillets (Rm 25)
Thick cuts in its tender chewiness, aromatic in the smoked chars! If only there is someone who loves to share the Isan BBQ pig tongue with me, I will definitely order it too!

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Tomyum Talay Namsai – Seafood Tomyum Clearsoup (Rm 38)
This seafood tomyum clearsoup was dosed with prawns, squids, mushrooms, gingers and spices. And ohhhh, it was also dosed with fiery hot and spicy; but tangy and refreshing at the same time. It was refreshing at first but the heat was reaching out after a while. However, it was seriously addictive in its sourish-ness! I kept spooning and slurping despite of the fiery heat. Too delicious! It made me kept digging in my Kaow Suay – Siamese White Rice. LOL.

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Kung Op Woon Sen – Claypot Glass Noodle with Prawn and Herbal Sauce (Rm 30)
Like its description, you can really taste the distinctive flavour on the palate! Very aromatic and filled with wok hei; I personally really love this! Just a small gripe, it is priced slightly on the higher side as this claypot glass noodles has too little liew (ingredients) at the price to pay for.

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Tup Tim Kob – Red Ruby (Rm 12)
Typical Thai sweet ending I will always order. If only they used the fresh coconut milk from the market or old school kedai runcit instead of the coconut milk UHT packet, it would be perfect!

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Isan Thai Restaurant
H-0-3A, M-Avenue, Jalan 1/38a,
Segambut Bahagia,
51200 Kuala Lumpur.
Opens from 12pm to 11pm

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