Rayong Thai by Thai Kopitiam @ Taman Danau Desa

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I have to say, this is a great yummy Thai place.

Last Sunday (and was here again yesterday evening), rainy evening; wanted to take my parents out for the hot piping bowls of ramen and the juicy succulent gyoza at Lao Jiu Lou (last Sunday). Sadly, it wasn’t open for business due to the water disruption. Scouted round the area and we came to this kopitiam-liked place by chance.


Rayong Thai

is a pretty hidden gem in Taman Danau Desa serving authentic Thai food. Located just a few doors away from Seoul Korea (which is located upstairs), you may see this restaurant is actually quite crowded at dinner time; their seats at the kaki lima was filled up at time of our visit. This restaurant housed 2 kitchens; the open kitchen at the front is used to prepare the fried Pad Thai, fried rice and some simple dishes, so you may get to see the chef fires up the stir-fried dishes while the kitchen at the back is used to prepare the main courses. The service provided is very attentive and staffs here are mainly Thai. You will feel as though you are in Thailand instead of KL. Pricewise, it’s really affordable. Just like my first visit, 3 of us spent about Rm 60 (for papaya salad, green curry, tom yum, pandan chicken, vege and a desserts) and walked out with heavy tummies. However, I find that their standard isn’t really consistent. On my second visit, the Tom Yum was done way too sourish and lack of the flavorsome. Only the grilled chicken salad, vege, pandan chicken and desserts tasted great for the night.


Papaya Salad (Rm 6.9)
We started off with the ass-kicking papaya salad which was really fiery as it was loaded with a lot of bird’s eyes chilli in it. Be prepared if you can’t really take spicy food or ask for a milder version.


Mango Salad (Rm 8.9)
Another exciting adventure for the taste buds. Spicy and sourish tastes were playing round in the oral cavity.


Grilled Chicken Spicy Salad (Rm 9.9)
This was good! Very well marinated and flavoured and then grilled and stir-fried along with the other condiments. 


Kailan (Rm 8.9)
Stir-fry greens.


Kangkung (Rm 8.9)
Filled with lots of wok hei


Pandan Chicken (Rm 8.9)
Pieces of bite size chicken which was very well marinated and then deep fried; filled with the fragrant scent from pandan leaves. I don’t mind order second or third plates of this, too good! I was actually drooling over it while I was writing!


Thai Fish Cake (Rm 8.9) was thin and a little fishy to our liking.


Green Curry Chicken (Rm 10.9 for small portion)
Filled with ingredients such as chicken, baby aubergine and long beans. It was sweet and creamy, but not as creamy as the one I had in Surisit. Quite a refreshing green curry as to be compared with the others.


Red Curry Chicken (Rm 10.9)
If you love creamy but spicier version of curry chicken, go for this one.


Tom Yum Seafood Soup (Rm 11.9 for small portion)
A very appetizing and tangy tom yum came loaded with squids and prawns; it was not very fiery at all but filled with lots of flavours from the spice and herbs at the same time. Love it max!


Clear Tom Yum Seafood Soup (Rm 11.9 for small portion)
A very appetizing and soured with lime juice. Would prefer the earlier one to this as this was way too sour to our liking.


Tub Tim Krab (Rm 4.9)
Red rubies water chestnut and corns (out of jackfruits, I guess) in soft shredded sweeten coconut milk ice, rich but not overpowering. Pretty sure it will be a lot better if it is made with jackfruits. Creamy and sinful dessert eh, but it will be washed away with all the sourish tom yum soup and papaya salad. Hehe.


Thai Cendol (Rm 3.9)
Not quite Thai but a pretty refreshing dessert that drenched with light coconut milk.


Mango Ice (Rm 4.9)
Love this most as it was topped and buried with sweet and juicy Lily mango cubes!


Thai coconut pudding (Rm 6.9)
Soft, milking and creamy pudding.


How can one go off without the signature Thai’s dessert – Mango Sticky Rice (Rm 7.9), especially it’s the mango season now. fluffy sticky rice served along with sugary lily mango slices.

Rayong Thai
19G, Plaza Danau 2,
Jalan 4/109F,
Taman Danau Desa
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603-79714201

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8 thoughts on “Rayong Thai by Thai Kopitiam @ Taman Danau Desa”

    • quite yummy. but hor, not so consistent ohhh.
      my first visit was superb but the second one after a week, cha a bit 🙂

  • Good Thai food …delicious !! I admire you passion of food blogging even though you do not get a lot attention this day!! ( judging from the number of comment you get!)

  • Went to tried out this place since many good reviews . Ordered red curry n turn out the curry not red at all. It’s cream color n not hot all all. They serve within 2mins we ordered. The tom yum came after 5mins n it is super red in color which it’s chili oil . No taste of lemongrass at all but I did see many pieces of lemongrass inside . Fish cake n dessert is ok .

    • Sorry to hear about your experience. i visited a few times but and i find some of the dishes are not really consistent. our tom yum was ok though.

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