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Thai food lovers, anyone? Here I found a very affordable and wallet-friendly yet delicious Thai dishes!

TumTum YumYum

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Located inside Village Grocer MyTown, Tum Tum Yum Yum is the new brainchild by Chef Nikom and Mr Desmond after KomPassion Thai Fusion in Damansara Kim, K2 in TTDI and Koms by KomPassion in Isetan One Utama. Chef Nikom graduated from Le Cordon Bleu and he is really good in fusing the French cooking technique into Asian dishes, just like how he uses his magic in the few restaurants I mentioned earlier.

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TumTum YumYum offers lip smacking Thai dishes at a very affordable price. You may find Deep Fried Chicken, Thai Gyoza, Thai Omelette and even Phad Thai at only Rm 10 per plate! Portion wise, it is very huge too. You can find Beef Khao Soi here too! This is a special dish Northen Thailand, didn’t manage to try it during my visit but someday I will do it. Drinks such as Thai Milk Tea, Thai Milk Green Tea, Coconut Pandan Cooler, Roselle Refresher are available at the range of Rm 5 to Rm 7.

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Healthy Pomelo (Rm 10)
This is a mini version of theirs from KomPassion, loaded with ingredients such as sweet pomelo, shrimps, tomatoes, carrots, onions, corianders, various nuts and seeds, dried coconuts and drizzle it with the special dressing. My favourite!

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Sotong Salad (Rm 8)
Another sweet and sourish appetizing starter must have before anything else!

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Boneless Fried Chicken (Rm 10)
Very well marinated and deep fried into perfection. These deep fried chickens were like popcorn chicken to me, and I couldn’t really stop once I started it! Too delicious!

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Thai Gyoza (Rm 8)

tumtum yumyum (16)

Phad Thai (Rm 10)
Beautifully stir-fried Thai noodles that is loaded with lots of ingredients and has a hint of sweet, savoury, sourish and spicy flavour in it. Topped with bean sprouts and garnished with crushed peanuts, chilli flakes and a cut of lime. I like their version as compared to the real Thai version as the Thai version is mainly sweeter; while theirs has all flavours in it! Especially the spicy kick. Ohh, this Phad Thai comes with a huge deep fried prawn too! How not to love when it is just RM 10!!!

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Tom Yum YUM! (Rm 15)
With a choice of ramen or mee hoon. The tom yum is loaded with lots spices, sourishly appetizing and very flavourful!

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Campur Campur (Rm 18)
If you loved to have many things in one plate, you will love this!

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Pad KraPOW Chicken (Rm 10)

tumtum yumyum (20)

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Mango Sticky Rice + Ice Cream (Rm 8)
A lovely must have sweet treat in a Thai’s place. I like that the sticky rice is made with healthy rice grains.

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Coconut Cendol + Ice Cream (Rm 8)

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TumTum YumYum
B1-018, MyTown Shopping Centre,
Seksyen 90, Jalan Cochrane,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Opens from 10.30am to 9.30pm
Located Inside Village Grocer

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