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Situated in this quaint Cheras neighbourhood along with Happyman Bake’s , Pun Shan, Salt & Fire and Anne Lourdes, ORI di ATLAS
is the new place that is specializing in Italian cuisine that comes with a flair of Asian twist.

It is really happy to see such a scene! Cheras area has more than just Chinese zi char now. Recently it is blooming with new style café and restaurants, more variety of places to explore with the family without travelling too far!

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Aperitif Wine – Lillet Blanc (Rm 20)

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Healthy Yee Sang
Obviously this is a super backdated post. LOL. This was happened around Chinese New Year and ORI di ATLAS came up with their own Yee Sang, served with the lady boss’s special homemade dressing. Colourful, tangy, refreshing, and healthy.

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Grilled Octopus (Rm 40)
Octopus tentacles, grilled lemon, cherry tomatoes, chives, lemon butter sauce.

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Seafood Spaghetti al Cartoccio (Rm 80)
Loaded with lots of seafoods such as clams, squids, prawns, mussels; added in also cherry tomatoes, tomato sauce, chili padi, garlic cheese cream, lemon garlic olive oil, parmigiana. This is not your usual seafood pasta that is made really al dente; it is wrapped up with foil and baked! The pasta has absorbed the rich essences from the seafood, very flavourful. Portion is good for sharing too.

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The air immediately filled with great aroma as soon as the staff cut open the aluminium foil and gave a stir to the pasta.

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Half & Half Pizza
Spoilt with their pizza options on the menu and we couldn’t decide which one for it. Glad to see that they offer two flavours on one pizza so we picked the Super Mario Mushroom and Beef Pepperoni.

Super Mario Mushroom Pizza is dosed with white button, shimeji, king oyster, black truffle béchamel, mozzarella and truffle oil, very aromatic. While Beef Pepperoni Pizza is topped with beef pepperoni, garlic confit, house tomato sauce, mozzarella. The pizza here has got a great pizza base; at its right thickness and with an aromatic charred crust. Nice!

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I can’t quite remember which type of cuts or steaks we had but what I know is, I enjoyed it very much. We opted for a less fats cut and chef excelled it. It was grilled to perfection; tender in its beautiful red-ish hue.

All their steak comes with roasted potatoes and side salad, and a choice of chimichurri, black pepper sauce or jus sauce (but we got all the three to try!). I am in love with the chimichurri to go with my steaks. So yum!

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If beef is not your thing, you may check out their chiller counter, they offer French rack and foie gras (depends on the availability); or you can even go atas with some caviar.

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Tiramisu (Rm 25)
Classic Italian cheese dessert with sponge fingers, coffee powder and mascarpone. The crowd’s favourite.

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ORI Cream Caramel (Rm 16)
Baked custard, coated with caramelized sugar. This was slightly too sweet to our liking.

23, Jalan Jintan, Taman Supreme,
56100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Opens daily from 12pm to 10pm

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