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Calling all the carnivores, here is a place you will love!

Anne Elizabeth

Has been here for quite some times but I didn’t spare time to check it out because the super long queue always turn me off. Tucked in Taman Segar, took a corner lot on the happening row, on the forever busy street. Anne Elizabeth is a deli-restaurant that sells the concept of “You Choose, You Pair, We Cook, We Serve” where you can mix and match your kind of proteins from the display and pair it with some sides, and then they will prepare them for you.


Look, that whole range of proteins from the display!
There are 80% of proteins served in this restaurant. Another 20% will be the greens and carbs. That’s what I said earlier, carnivores surely will fall in love with this place. Not to mention, pork lovers too!


However, parking is quite problem over here. Be sure you legally park or else you may kena summon, depends on your luck.


Latte (Rm 7)


Iced Latte (Rm 7.9)


Portobello (Rm 12.9 each; price varies depends on the day’s portobello)
Juicy earthy huge mushroom with the amazing melted cheese and bacon bits.



Their signature Pork Belly (Rm 18.6) is a must to order. The marinade was rich and flavourful, grilled to perfection and packed with mega flavours.



Pork Shoulder (Rm 15.9) was just lightly seasoned. Their grilled stuff was great to go with the Caramelized Roasted Gravy that was served on the side. Do request more if you have washed them down.

Farmer Bratwurst Sausage (Rm 16.9)
Traditional German thick pork sausage recommended by the staff based on our preferences.
If you have no idea where to choose from, just ask for their recommendation. Just like what we did. The range of sausages is pretty huge over here, dosed with spices, smoky savoury meaty bits, there is at least one that will satisfy your taste buds.


Lamb Shoulder (Rm 21.9 for 2 pcs)


Chicken Whole Leg (Rm 14.8) was tender and succulent; with very smooth texture.


Mashed Potato (Rm 6.9)


Purple Coleslaw (Rm 5.9)


Crème Brulee (Rm 8) as sweet ending. A silky smooth rich custard base topped with crackling layer of hard caramel to wash down the protein packed meal.

Anne Elizabeth The Deli Restaurant
No.1, Jalan Manis 4,
Taman Segar,
56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 – 9130 0319
Closed on Fridays
Opening hours:
Sat to Thurs | 12pm to 11pm

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