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Restoran Zheng Ji 祥和記海鮮飯店

Located inside one of the hidden Cheras neighbourhoods, Restoran Zheng Ji is now my family’s new favourite for their delicious Chinese dishes that are flavourful and come in real good wok hei. Best deal of all; the dishes here are priced very very very affordably.

For example, four of us had the Sweet and Sour Pork, Claypot Kangkung Belacan, Kwai Fah Tofu and Assam Steamed Tilapia, the bill came at Rm 150 (and we had to tapao half of the Tofu and sweet and sour pork home. On our second time, there were nine of us and we ordered 8 dishes which included the Claypot Lamb and huge Steamed fish, the bill was around Rm 350.

If you were into wild fresh water fish such as patin and catfish, just ring them up beforehand for reservation. Of course these fishes come at a price.

I didn’t know about the existence of this restaurant until I saw it from @hungrybabes. Never know this restaurant is so near me, which is about 5minutes’ drive away! Thanks to @hungrybabes for recommendation, I have been here like almost every week! Except pre and during CNY time, we were trying to avoid the CNY crowds.

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Claypot Kangkung Belacan
One of the signatures that you must order! It came sizzling hot all the way from the kitchen, diffusing the aroma of the belacan along the way. We gave a quick stir once it was served and it sizzled fiery. LOL. Very aromatic very flavourful with char wok hei too! This is our must order every time we are here!

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House’s special Kwai Fah Tofu
Another signature of theirs; made with homemade tofu, deep fried and topped with minced pork and mushrooms. Comforting and very flavourful.

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Sweet and Sour Pork
Nice crunch with perfect balance of sweet and sourness!

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Assam Steamed Tilapia
This was packed with real flavours! Good enough of sourness and spiciness, added in a great amount of vegetable chunks such as lady’s fingers, eggplants and tomato. Very addictive and we kept spooning the tangy gravy to pair with our white rice.

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Three Flavours Pork Ribs
I find this was just okay, as I had a yummier version one.

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Har Mai Sang Cheong (Sang Cheong with Dried Shrimps)

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Braised Homemade Beancurd with Angled Loofah

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Steamed Fish

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Stir-fried Mushrooms
This was pretty good, stir fried with ginger, spring onions and onions, simple yet it came with real good wok hei!

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Claypot Lamb

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Salted Egg Yolk Squids
The squid was nicely battered and deep-fried into perfection, then coated with salted egg yolk. Nice crunch with a light coat of salted egg yolk.

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Yin Yong Pork Ribs
Came with 2 flavours of pork ribs – Three Flavours Ribs and Marmite Pork Ribs

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Claypot Tofu
Served piping hot and loaded with lots of ingredients such as homemade beancurd, pork slices, carrot, cabbage and it was truly comforting!

Restoran Zheng Ji 祥和記海鮮飯店
20, Jalan Jalak 2,
Taman Sri Bahtera,
56100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.
For reservation, contact 017-3596380 / 017-8869806

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