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Towzen comes all the way from Kyoto; setting their first foot outside of Japan, here in Malaysia, in Menara Milenium, KL! This vegan ramen restaurant is currently the talk of the town, it is so hit that there is always a long queue at the front entrance, and diners are limited to one hour dining time (that was in Feb, not sure about now).

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This restaurant is decorated in a zen-ish feel with zen looking setting inside out.

I am quite skeptical when it comes to vegetarian or vegan meal because of the fake meat or processed “meat” being used in their dishes. However, Towzen proofs me wrong; I can say Towzen changed my thinking. LOL.

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Busy kitchen dishing out bowls of delicious vegetarian ramen.

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Complementary welcome tea

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Agedashi Tofu (Rm 12)
Wanted to get the goma tofu in the first place but it was not available at time we visited Towzen. Opted for this dish cos I heard homemade tofu! Ah yes I love tofu! The tofu was lightly coated and deep-fried tofu into perfection, served in flavourful sauce. This tofu came rather compact in texture and it was packed with the aroma from the soy bean.

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Karaage Lionmane Mushroom (Rm 18)
The lionmane mushroom was very well seasoned and deep fried into perfection. Each chunks of the mushroom has its texture very close to chicken karaage, fibrous and packed with the ginger flavour like how the other did in chicken karaage. Pretty addictive!

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Black Sesame Ramen (Rm 26)
My order of Black Sesame Ramen came with creamy walnut broth infused with velvety, jet-black essence of toasted black sesame seeds. I love its richness and creaminess of the broth. Creamy but not too overpowering, very aromatic and make you wanting for more! It was so good that I downed the whole bowl of broth, love its mouthfeel aromatic richness, without leaving you the usual tonkotsu broth’s jelak-ness.

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Pickled Radish as palate cleanser.

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Spicy Mala Ramen (Rm 28)
Jessie’s fiery pick was this Fiery Sichuan Mala and Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil blended in Walnut mylk soup base. I sampled her broth base and it came with a mild spicy fiery kick.

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Ohhh… I like the idea that you are given the options to pick either 100g or 120g (an upside version at no extra charges) of noodles to go with your preferred broth base. Both of us picked the lower grams of noodles so that we can fit in more of their dishes.

Wanna try their Goma Tofu, but sadly, it was not available at time of our visit. Desserts were all sold out too at one early evening! Nevermind, I shall revisit again, soon!

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01-01A, Level 1, Annexe Block, Menara Milenium,
8, Jalan Damanlela, Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.

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