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#Throwback to my own birthday meal in January. This year, I chose to have richly flavoured Northern Indian cuisine with my girls instead of the usual Japanese cuisine, so I checked out this renowned FLOUR Restaurant in Bukit Damansara before relocating to Jalan Kamuning (and reopened its door just recently).


I believe this restaurant needs no further introduction, this place has been words of mouth from people around me, telling me it is the best North Indian restaurant in KL and I daresay it is!

Leaded by the husband and wife team, Chef Yogi and his wife Natasha; FLOUR serves the authentic North India’s regional flavours, with dishes chosen after a lot of trials and experiments. FLOUR’s menu is thick, as though a unique novel, each page is filled with thoughts and knowledge about Indian cuisine and its history.

Reservation is highly recommended or else you will have to wait a bit for your table.


Mango Lassi (Rm 16)
Homemade hung curd whisked with fresh Thai mango. Expensive for a glass but you gotta order it, no regret as it was so thick yet not satiating!


Spiced Papadum (Rm 8)
Ahh, crispy and thinly Indian crackers to munch. It was very well-seasoned with herbs and spices that include chilo, cumin, garlic and black pepper. Very very aromatic on the palate.


Mango Chicken (Rm 34)
A delicious appetizer to start with boneless chicken thigh marinated in raw mango sauce and cooked in tandoor. It was a great choice to boost up our appetite for more carbs in the next course.



FLOUR (13)

Paneer Butter Masala (Rm 31)
Cottage cheese pieces cooked with spiced tomato curry. Comes with a choice of steam rice, jeera rice or bread. We picked the bread where we were given a choice of tandoori roti, naan, kulcha or laccha to go with it.



Kadhai Chicken (Rm 35)
Thick curry spicy dish with pieces of capsicum. And yes, it was spicy. Not the spicy from the chili but from the medley of spices. It was so tasty that we even polished clean the pit with helpings of bread!



FLOUR (12)

Chicken Biryani (Rm 36)
Aromatic long grains rice cooked with spices and chicken pieces that have been marinated in yoghurt. You will notice this famous all-time favourite is a must on every table, be it with mutton, chicken or vege. The rice grains were very fluffy and well spiced. Drizzle a lil’ yoghurt that served along with the biryani may give u another stimulating flavour on the palate.

FLOUR (11)

FLOUR (10)

I miss my girls now.

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