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Japanese cuisine is definitely one of the cuisines I miss most at this time. I am glad I got to have a very delicious and satisfying Japanese meal in Kampachi at EQ at time before the MCO started.

Kampachi EQ

Is one of the pioneer Japanese restaurants in the city, serving authentic Japanese cuisine made with freshest top-notch quality ingredients air-flown from Japan.

kampachi EQ (2)

This new Kampachi is way so elegant. With its floor to ceiling high glass window, bringing the natural sunlight into the premise; filled with wooden furniture that creates a soothing and comfortable zen-ish ambience. And there is a Hinoki Wood sushi counter seated at one area, awaiting you to join on the omakase dining experience.

kampachi EQ (3)

kampachi EQ (6)

kampachi EQ (5)

kampachi EQ (4)

It was the starting of the spring season back then in March, Kampachi had air-flown in the spring’s ingredients to serve the diners.

kampachi EQ (10)

Sakura-dai or Cherry Bream made into thinly sliced sashimi and grilled in salt.
The Sea Bream season begins in winter and reaches its peak in spring. Hence, this fish is also known as Cherry Bream in spring. The texture was firm and delicate, doink doink springy, soft and fine!

kampachi EQ (9)

kampachi EQ (8)

kampachi EQ (7)

Sansai Mountain Vegetables Tempura
These mountain vegetables such as Taranome, Fukinotou, Kogomi and Yukiurui have got the very unique earthy taste, with a hint of bitterness sweet flavour in the end. Made into crunchy tempura, and pair with its dipping sauce; really worth trying you fancy something special and rare.

kampachi EQ (17)

Mitsuru (Rm 158) comes with Kobachi (Appetizer), Chawan Mushi, seven pieces of nigiri, makimono, miso soup and fruits.

kampachi EQ (28)

kampachi EQ (27)

kampachi EQ (18)

Hanakago Bento (Rm 185)
Assorted Japanese meal served in flower basket. This is the most beautiful flower basket I have come across. Tempura, chirashi don, grilled fish, sashimi platter, appetiser small dishes… you will get a bit of everything in vibrant colours and very heart-alluring.

kampachi EQ (20)

kampachi EQ (29)

kampachi EQ (31)

kampachi EQ (21)

kampachi EQ (23)

Go for this if you feel like splurging one, or go for the steal version in Sushi Azabu .

kampachi EQ (11)

Set lunch is available too. Each set comes with appetizer, salad, rice, miso soup, pickles and dessert to end the meal. Sukiyaki (Rm 73), the popular Japanese hot pot dish with sliced beef and vegetables in sukiyaki sauce.

kampachi EQ (12)

kampachi EQ (24)

Teppanyaki Beef (Rm 98)
Teppanyaki sirloin steak, served with appetizer, chawanmushi, rice, miso soup, pickles and dessert.

kampachi EQ (25)

Look at that beautifully teppan-ed steak cube, glossy, fatty and succulent. Gulp, I literally swallowing the saliva when looking at back at this photo.

kampachi EQ (16)

Grilled eel on rice

kampachi EQ (1)

We ended our meal with delectable Sakura Ice Cream!


So, how long to go till we get to visit to our favourite places normally again? Soon and very soon. Let’s just stay positive and continue to stay home and wash your hands frequently! 🙂

Kampachi EQ
Ground Floor, Equatorial Plaza,
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2789 7722

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