John Noodle House 壮元粉麵世家 @ Taman Cheras, KL

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John Noodle House 壮元粉麵世家

Located in Taman Cheras, or best known as Yulek, John Noodle House is one of my favourite to go places, for its really clear soupy yet very umami and sweet, very flavourful bowl of Prawn Wanton Hor Fun or Xin Har Wanton Hor Fun (in Cantonese).

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Chicken Hor Fun 鸡肉沙河粉 (Rm 8.5)
Silky smooth hor fun in a huge bowl of umami clear soup that is dosed with chicken and prawn essence, topped with chicken breast cut and a prawn and garnished with chives and fried shallots. Very unlike the usual shredded chicken noodles or kai si hor fun I normally get, this one comes with big chunks of chicken breast.

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Prawn Wanton Hor Fun 鲜虾云吞河 (Rm 8.5)
Their Prawn Wanton Hor Fun is what I fancy the most. Thin smooth layer of wanton skin with 2 plump and bouncy juicy prawns wrapped inside, swimming in the umami flavourful clear broth. Very tummy comforting and you won’t feel thirsty even after finishing the whole bowl of soup!

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On some days, if I were not into noodles, I will just go for only Prawn Wanton in Soup 鲜虾云吞 (Rm 1.6 per piece).

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Pig Stomach Bee Hoon in White Pepper Soup 胡椒猪肚米 (Rm 8.5)
If you would like to have a different profile of flavours, check out this bowl of bee hoon in white pepper soup. It is topped with lots of pig stomach slices and radish and garnished with chopped spring onions.

I enjoyed this white pepper soup very much. It was quite aromatic and not too fiery to the palate and stomach. The pig stomach slices were in its good chewiness and there weren’t any weird smell at all. Radish cubes were soft and absorbed all the great flavours from the soup, very sweet! The whole combination was a nice comforting one and great to be enjoyed during rainy days like now!

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Cuttlefish Pork Meatball 吊片肉丸 (Rm 1.5 per piece)
Bouncy pork meatballs hinted with dried cuttlefish, served in the pepper soup. Huge and addictive! Don’t forget to dip in the chili sauce for extra oohmpps (though the chili sauce is to pair with their chicken dishes).

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Oh yes, speaking about chicken, John Noodles House serves Smoked Chicken 烟熏鸡 and Osyter Sauce Chicken 蚝油滑鸡 too, you can have it with rice or just plain noodles. I have not tried them out, do let me know your verdicts if you guys have tried them out.

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We added on this Bean Sprouts 芽菜 (Rm 4.5). Their bean sprouts were made slightly undercooked. So for those who dislike the greenish taste, do take note to avoid this. As for me, I am still good with the taste. I like the drizzle of soy sauce in this plate of bean sprouts.

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Kopi O (Rm 2.2)

Here are other great gems you can find from this area Taman Cheras – Ebony & Ivory Coffee , CHUMS , Chung Thai .

John Noodle House 壮元粉麵世家
30, Lorong Lobak,
Taman Cheras,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Opens from 8am to 3pm
Closed on Mondays

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