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Haha! Here again to our favourite Chinese Restaurant that is located in Seri Kembangan – Pin Xiang Xi Signature Chinese Cuisine 品湘喜! This was our third time here and I hope you are not bored reading this place again! Chef has many ideas in ways of performing his arts on the plates. Every time we are here, we will be surprised with many of his new creations. Foods are great with cosy environment. Here is really a great place for family gatherings, and also for those who fancy Chinese food!

Do read about my first visit and also second visit here.

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This special platter was made of these four special dishes – Royal Black Pear, Stir-fry Minced Meat with Crispy Lard, Stir-fry Eel on Hotplate and Salted Fish Mashed Pumpkin with Scallops, these all special requested and specially customized for us! The dishes were beautifully plated and served with Iceberg lettuce and Steamed Mantao, which was to pair with the minced meat or mashed pumpkin or the stir-fry eel. I like to have the mantao with the eel, like munching into the Chinese style burger that has loaded with lots of garlic and chilies. The Black Pear was hand crafted and beautifully shaped, with the aromatic curry-liked fillings.

pin xiang xi 3 (5)

咸鱼金瓜带子 Salted Fish Mashed Pumpkin with Scallops

pin xiang xi 3 (6)

黑啤梨 Royal Black Pear

pin xiang xi 3 (3)

猪油渣肉碎 Stir-fry Minced Meat with Crispy Lard

pin xiang xi 3 (4)

炒黄善 Stir-fry Eel on Hotplate

pin xiang xi 3 (8)

pin xiang xi 3 (7)

pin xiang xi 3 (21)

Pepper soup with half tail of chicken and pork tripe, served along with a huge plate of raw sliced Sang Yu (or Snakehead fish or ikan haruan, I guess). The soup was boiled for long hours for its collagenous texture, peppery and served piping hot. Make use of the piping hot peppery soup to cook the fish slices, comforting and delicious. The fish bones with its attached meat were then deep fried and served aside. Either eat it with the soup or dip with its special dipping sauce, based on our own preferences. It was such a brilliant idea having one solid dish with many ways of enjoying them, all at once!

pin xiang xi 3 (11)

pin xiang xi 3 (13)

pin xiang xi 3 (9)

pin xiang xi 3 (10)

pin xiang xi 3 (14)

Suckling pig with steamed glutinous rice! Oh my!!! Long time no “meet”. It has been a super long time I didn’t get to savour on suckling pig! The skin was layered with thin layer of fats and ultra-crispy skin, with crunchy crunchy sound. It paired great with the fluffy flavourful glutinous rice.

pin xiang xi 3 (16)

pin xiang xi 3 (15)

pin xiang xi 3 (17)

Don’t say I never share har, please do not miss out the best part – tongue! Suckling pig’s tongue has got to be one of the best best parts in this dish. Crunchy, chewy and smoky!

pin xiang xi 3 (18)

Steamed prawn with Chinese Rice Wine.

pin xiang xi 3 (19)

2-way Kailan; the stem was blanched and its leaves were fried into crispy bits. The bits were quite a delicious snack to go with the drinks too.

pin xiang xi 3 (20)

Our favourite stir-fry mee hoon with crabs again! Crabs were fresh and packed with juicy meat; mee hoon was dosed with lots of dried shrimps and chef’s homemade XO sauce. Very aromatic and well spiced too! Always love the great touch of chili bits in this mee hoon, it enhances the whole flavour of this dish!

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Pin Xiang Xi Signature Chinese Cuisine 品湘喜
52-G, Wisma IPF,
Jalan SR 9/1, Taman Serdang Raya,
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor
Lunch: 10.30am to 3pm
Dinner: 5.30pm to 10pm
Closed on Tuesdays

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