Yap Yin Restaurant & Bah Kut Teh, Seri Kembangan

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I have read about this restaurant review from Sunday metro last week. While MSN in the middle of night, a friend of mine, Jimmy, kept telling me on food stuff and told me he has tried out the food from that particular restaurant. Since he said that the food served especially snakehead fish are yummy, I wondered, why not give it a try?!Hence, my stomach gone hungry and I tried to organize and messaged my friends late night and told them dinner at 7pm. Hope I never wake them up 😛
The dinner was supposed to be made on Wednesday; most of the guys are not free on wed so we changed to Tuesday instead.

As I didn’t know the way to the restaurant, I picked up Yan who was showing me the way to Jimmy’s house and fetched him. Three of us soon arrived at the Seri Kembangan at about 6.45pm and Jimmy started to order food while waiting. Meanwhile, me and Yan were like waitress, setting up the forks and spoons and tea over the table.

The next who turned up were Ken, and then Roy and gf. They were quite on time. However, the rest… we have waited for ‘quite some times’ and they finally turned up by 7.40pm. I never expect there were so many people until whole gang of guys turned up and we have two special guests too. The gang of us — me, Yan, Jimmy, Ken, Jian, Yee Meng, Ah Ho, Eldred, Roy and gf, LV, Wye and gf, Delicia (if I am not mistaken) sat together and had dinner.

The steam snakehead fish (sang yu or ikan haruan) is their signature and the best selling items here. There is no way we can miss out this dish.12 of us with 8 kind of dishes, 3 snakehead fish, 1 pork, 1 tofu, 2 vege, and 1 frog. Jimmy even asked them to prepare for large dishes. This is too over isn’t it?! The worst things was when the dishes were served, those guys kept shaking the table or poked their forks and spoons into the dishes. I couldn’t take nice cum clear picture on the food. *sad*

Steamed fish with giong yung

Steamed fish with soy sauce, topped with deep fried ginger shreds.

Fish cooked with giong chong.

Among all 3 dishes of fish, I find the one with giong chong tasted the best. The best part of all they slice out the fish in slices before steaming the fish. So, we won’t have any trouble on taking the fish ourselves

Mui choi kaw yuk (braised tender pork meat with salted vegetables and yam). I like this a lot as it is Hakka dish and I am a Hakka.

Read from the newspaper that this restaurant serves delicious frog and we ordered their Steamed frog with chicken essence.

Their signature tofu cooked in spicy and sour sauce. it was something like ma poh tofu and I find that this was over spicy and sour at all.

Stir-fry green vegetable

Stir fry lotus, celery and carrot topped with cashew nuts. This tasted rather normal

8 dishes came in a total bill of Rm 224. The food was okay here. There were too many dishes and the left over fish for me to finish up. At the end of the dinner I felt as though there were lots of fish in my stomach. This restaurant served the very home cooked style dishes with the home town feel. Moreover, all of us sat together and dined and I felt the kind of warmth from the family. Cheers to our friendship, Friends Forever!

Yap Yin Restaurant & Bah Kut Teh

131, Jalan sekolah
Seri Kembangan
Tel: 03-89435426

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10 thoughts on “Yap Yin Restaurant & Bah Kut Teh, Seri Kembangan”

  • eh.. cepatnya post! hehe.. another nice one on seri kembangan’s food! Haven’t been here before although I’m like…”very near”!!

  • hehe, leng, you should try out their snakehead fish. the fish are very fresh and juicy. aiks, this is the latest post i can make. no more eat out d…

  • keke! so fast you’re posting something new!! anyway, the food looks good. you can compare our yam pork belly with the mui choi kaw yuk, see which one is better! haha!!

  • keke! so fast you’re posting something new!! anyway, the food looks good. you can compare our yam pork belly with the mui choi kaw yuk, see which one is better! haha!!

  • keke! so fast you’re posting something new!! anyway, the food looks good. you can compare our yam pork belly with the mui choi kaw yuk, see which one is better! haha!!

  • hei..i’m staying nearby..but din’t dine in before as well…wonder why=.=”

    hei,dun blame jimmy..his stomach must be hungry for the past semester in camberra.must be thinking of filling full b4 uni resume* tat’s y order so much and in the large portion.lol

    haha..nice post*.*
    dun leave me behind.will join you guys when i’m back…and dunno when will I be back..kakaka=)

    miss you!
    stay pretty+healty+happy…


  • wenching & esiong, haha. making advertisement here again?! well for sure i wanna try out the yam pork belly with mui choi kaw yuk in ur previous post. when wanna bring me over?!

    hi, ni ni, long time never hear from you adi. how are you lately? thanks for dropping by again~
    of course we won’t leave you out. when are you coming back? let’s eat out k? and i bet the food in australia are awesome. tell me about it!!!

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