Cousin Bro’s Wedding

  • Sumo
It was another happily occasion again — my cousin brother’s wedding. Hence, early in the morning, family and I dressed up smartly and went to aunt’s house. We had to wait for the bridegroom and the bride to come and ‘jing cha’ (offering tea) to the elders. As a cousin of theirs, I would just have to wait and collect ang pao. Hehe

The tea ceremony. My parents sitting there happily receiving tea from the bride.

Too bad, I never had the chance to rake photos on the newly wed couple. Both of them were crowded by their heng dai and ji mui. Iks…

This, shao zhu (roasted piggy) was very important during the Chinese wedding. I have no idea why. Wait til I ask my mum why it is so important first. And it was not cheap. This roasted piggy cost a few hundred Ringgit. Isn’t it adorable and the most important thing, it was very crunchy and not over salty. Smelled good, tasted great.


The couple wanted a simple wedding. As for the dinner, aunt hired the catering services to her house and organized a home party. Catering services means we were having buffet style dinner. This cater company served a variety yummilicious food. I could get myself off from a little bit of this and that. Especially their azat (preserved mix vegetables sprinkles with peanuts) were my favourite. I couldn’t resist from taking a plate and another.

There was Nothing much to do besides eating. We chatted and laughed and gossiped. Wedding was just like another reunion for one big family~

P. s. happy 100th post to my blog too. It is observed that I am not a too active blogger. After 2 years only reach this 100th post. ^_^

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2 thoughts on “Cousin Bro’s Wedding”

  • congrats to ur cousin bro! It’s really happy to see newly weds couple! so sweet! Nice to attend wedding ceremony rite? btw.. the “pork’s head” do scare me a bit! haha…

  • true. happy to be at wedding. by the way, when is your wedding?! don’t forget bout me o (wanna be your ji mui). hehehe…

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