Xenri Japanese Restaurant @ Wisma Elken

  • Sumo

September 15
Marks our ‘friendship’ day
An important day for us
A special day for us

Chris & Christine
Sugar Bean

The 7 of us
Happily sitting at the square table
With our barefoot underneath
Shivering in cold after the downpour
Trembling in chilly cold air-conditioned dining area

Yes, a cup of hot green tea is best for us to withstand this cool temperature.

We were at Xenri Japanese Restaurant,
a few days before Chris & Christine and Sugar Bean departing to UK and Scotland
for a get-together reunion
for a small little farewell
with all the loves and warm wishes.

Environment around Xenri

The very Jap-style atmosphere. I learnt from Sugar Bean that they have actually renovated the restaurant after their last visit. Sugar Bean’s last visit was actually published on the Star Metro!

Cheese’, the female food bloggers

The cold temperature room made us hungrier. It’s time for dinner~

Hawaiian Roll (King Prawn Mango Roll – RM 28) as appetizer

Teppanyaki Seafood (Salmon, king prawn, scallop and vegetable teppanyaki and garlic fried rice and salad + miso soup and fruits– RM 40)

Salmon, king prawn, large scallop and vegetable teppanyaki

the very fragrant garlic fried rice

Tempura Zen (Seafood and vegetables tempura and salmon sashimi and rice + miso soup and fruits– RM 40)


fresh salmon sashimi

Xenri Bento (Grilled mackerel, selected sashimi and soft shell crab tempura with braised vegetables, chawan mushi, miso soup, rice and strawberries – RM 42). Well, this was the bento I had. The sashimi(s) were really fresh and juicy!

Fresh selected sashimi

Tempura Soba (RM 26), the slurppy one

Chicken or Beef Sukiyaki Zen (Chicken/beef hotpot, vegetables and selected seafood and vegetables tempura with chawan mushi and rice – RM 42)

Beef Sukiyaki

Chicken Sukiyaki

Unagi Zen(Grilled eel and selected seafood and vegetables tempura with chawan mushi and rice +miso soup and fresh fruits – RM 40)

Friends forever! ~
When shall we meet again?!
Till next year 15/9, I suppose?!
For a reunion and get together
For the sharing and exchanging experience
For the laugh and joy
for a Kanpai 乾杯 to our friendship

Xenri Japanese Restaurant

No. 20, Wisma Elken,
Jalan 1/147C, Batu 5,
Jalan Kelang Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 77838118
(directly across Pearl Point Shopping Mall)
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17 thoughts on “Xenri Japanese Restaurant @ Wisma Elken”

  • Such a sweet and memorable outing, it is really great to have great friends like these:)
    And you’re such a gem too:D

  • christy,
    kakakaka… it is always fun to hang out with friends. i bet u have those fun and memorable outings with ur friends too!

    hehe, never missed out this place. there are more delicious food to be ‘korek-korek’ 😛

  • squall,
    haha, go get it.
    honestly, i m missing japanese food now. wish i could have it tmr!

    dun worry, it’s quite easily to get there. situated just opposite the pearl point shopping mall. just be aware of the ‘high-way’. and look for U turn to pusing over to the elken.

    big boys oven,
    a warmth and lovely one~

  • i’ll choose the Teppanyaki Seafood set! got prawns, scallops, salmon..and garlic fried rice!!! yummy!

    good friends and good food! kampai!

  • next year where shall we celebrate yea?? can start planning already 😛
    yay… we have our own friendship day 🙂

  • shell,
    once again, never missed out this place. heard that they are having sunday buffet. but unsure if it is still available.

    nic (khkl),
    that’s the set chris ordered. the garlic rice was fragrant! gonna make a re-visit. hehehe

  • kampungboycitigal,
    it will be our precious moment every year!!!

    can’t wait to eat out with you again dear! once you are back, please host one ya! miss u lots!

    precious pea,
    yay yay!
    friends forever!~

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