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It was another girls-day-out. Me, Christine and Yen were heading to Mid Valley to have a check out on new products. When it’s time for lunch, we just walked over to Sushi Zanmai at Gardens as planned. Why?! That was because we had a cut-out-coupon from The Star newspaper. They were having promotion on selected dishes with 50 percents discount (Oopps, another dated post again as the promotion end by end of November).

We had the Salmon Sashimi ( Sake) as they were 50% off with the cut voucher from the newspaper. The salmon sashimi came in thick rectangular shape and its fats were distributed quite evenly. They were fresh and juicy and went well with wasabi.
Anyhow, in any Jap restaurant, Sashimi should be eaten first before other strong flavors affect the palate.

Then we had 2 main courses to be shared among us.

First was the Curry Ramen. We opted for the small portion which was priced at Rm 10.80. It came in very thick gravy chicken curry broth. It was fragrant with curry powder and spices. The whole bowl of noodles was so aromatic-rich.

Yen’s ‘task’ was to distribute the noodles into 3 small bowls. We just couldn’t stop ‘slurping’ our noodles. Slurp* if you do not like Ramen, you have another option — Udon. I was in the mood for Ramen that day so I ordered Ramen instead of Udon.

Next was the Ebidon海老丼(priced at Rm 8.80 for small serving) came with tempura deep fried prawn with egg on rice. Besides, there were additional of seaweed, pickles, raisin and also onion.

Hmmm, Yum. Every single Jap round rice was cooked to perfection and was enclosed with eggie and fragrant with onion.

And then the pretty-presented Dragon Roll ドラゴンロ一ル priced at Rm 12.80 but with the voucher again, we had it at only half of the price. The Dragon roll was the fried prawn sushi roll topped with avocado.

There was fried prawn in the middle, and also a little of ebiko on top of the avocado. The avocado simply melted in between tongue and hard palate.

We were full by then and didn’t get to order their heart-alluring-dessert. Will have a revisit for more especially their dessert! ~

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22 thoughts on “Sushi Zanmai @ Gardens”

  • yum yum… i feel so hungry now! it’s such a good deal.. too bad that i didn’t get to see da cut-out coupon sobzz….

  • big boys oven,
    bbo, i agree with you. fancy jap food always.

    nvm lar, i am sure there will be more coming up promotions or vouchers. just have to ‘keep an eye’ on newspaper.

    hope we can have a good meal together one day?! perhaps korean food?!

    oh no… that curry ramen wasn’t that spicy. but thick in curry powder flavour. a little sweet too.
    japanese can’t take spicy food as msian.

    i miss the ramen too. very fragrant curry taste. Yum~

    they are delicious.
    wmw, you dun take raw food?!

  • Really like it in Sushi Zanmai. I have yet to visit their outlets in the Gardens. 50% off is so worth it! I should’ve pay more attention to it!!

    The dragon roll looks so good.

  • Really like it in Sushi Zanmai. I have yet to visit their outlets in the Gardens. 50% off is so worth it! I should’ve pay more attention to it!!

    The dragon roll looks so good.

  • teckiee,
    must try out curry ramen. quite delicious if you like heavy flavour.

    wenching & esiong,
    i like zanmai too! very much better than the others.
    better pay more attention ya. there is vouchers on saturday metro again on free dishes but valid til 21dec only.

  • ya, ya..i remember seeing the coupon in the newspaper…but when i think of the gardens, i pengsan (getting a parking space is like kena lottery, even at 11 am!)…nice looking food, btw :>

  • oh..i never been here before,but i been to Sunway their Dragon roll and Caterpillar Roll..cos i love i know where to go for sushi on this weekend 🙂

  • Joe,
    do catch up with the Star newspaper? i am sure there are more upcoming promotion. ^^ will tell you if i notice that too!

    nic (khkl),
    oh?! the parking at mid valley is tat really full? try going there on weekdays? i believe gardens has extra parking space left during weekdays.

    kelly mahoney,
    haha, you should. have you go for a Japanese meal?!

    hihi, thanks for dropping by.
    their sushi is great, isn’t it?!

  • ekeng,

    a bad experience for you? well, it's a place for budget go on jap food. why not try nihon kai? 🙂

    yeppppppp, agree!

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