Sushi Lunch Course @ Yoshinari, Plaza Damas 3

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Continue with my January birthday tales (LOL, time to clear off more backlogs), I came back to this comforting Japanese restaurant for a birthday meal!

Yoshinari used to serve Tempura Course during lunch session but now they have switched to Sushi Lunch Course! At Rm 88, you will get a chawanmushi, 9 pieces of sushi, a soup dish, and a fish dish. We topped up for a sweet ending. As Yoshinari limits only 6 pax at sushi lunch per day, so reservation is a must.

I would say this is the most affordable and value for money sushi omakase I have come across. Though neta were slightly thinner, shari were not as compact but they were at good warm temperature and flavourful; at Rm 88 I wouldn’t complain much. Quite a good value to lunch in!

Sushi Lunch Course

Priced at Rm 88
Available by reservation only
Limited to 6 pax per day

yoshinari sushi (1)

Foie Gras Chawan Mushi

yoshinari sushi (2)

Aji – Horse Mackerel
Ahhh, thank you for starting it as the first because this is always my favourite!

yoshinari sushi (3)

Hirame – Flounder

yoshinari sushi (4)

Ika– Squid

yoshinari sushi (5)

Today’s Soup Dish was made of crab!

yoshinari sushi (6)

Akami – Tuna

yoshinari sushi (7)

Chutoro – Medium fatty tuna

yoshinari sushi (8)

Ootoro – Fatty tuna

yoshinari sushi (9)

Today’s dish – Miso Grilled Salmon
Yoshinari always excels in their cooked dish (do check out their monthly Tasting Menu) and this miso grilled salmon was seriously good. Not sure if they do this on their a la carte menu and I will definitely reorder this again if they do.

yoshinari sushi (10)

Ebi – Prawn

yoshinari sushi (11)

Shime Saba – cured mackerel

yoshinari sushi (12)

Fatty, creamy and yumz!

yoshinari sushi (13)

Miso Soup

yoshinari sushi (15)

Matcha Pudding (Rm 8)

yoshinari sushi (14)

and Happy Birthday to me!

Yoshinari Japanese Restaurant
A.0.11, Plaza Damas 3,
63, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Taman Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-64148612

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