Sushi & Yakitori experience @ Uo-Sho, Plaza Damas

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Here comes I share my second experience in Uo-Sho. Oh yes, I must highlight, I came here 2 times in a week!

Read about my first amazing experience in Uo-Sho .


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First thing first, pick a bottle of sake!
As it was my sake bff’s birthday, I picked up this Kuheiji.
Kuheiji Eau Du Desir Junmai Daiginjo is a bottle I always wish to try. Made of Yamada Nishiki sake rice, with rice polished to 50%; it was so floral on the nose, mellow sweet. It tasted so delicate on the palate, with slight fizzy bubbly like champagne, very elegant too. Also, I experienced different changes after each nigiri sushi that came with different neta! Huge surprise to me!

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Salada with miso sauce
We started off our meal with a salad, dressed up with special miso dressing crafted by Kunio-san. Very appetizing and very very delicious. How can a salad taste so good as well?! Simple yet delicious! Argggh. Thinking about it makes me salivate again.

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Ika – Squid
Love it as a start of the course! Firm and slight chewy!

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Fugu – Puffer fish

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Hirame – Flounder

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Kue – Grouper
Ahhh, doink doink!

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Hotate – Scallop

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Baby snapper

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Engawa from Hirame
Love its crunchy chewiness! It tasted way so good than the aburi version that most places offer.

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Kohada – Gizzard Shad
I always love kohada but it is not easy to get a great great one. This was aged for 1 week and paired perfectly with the aka-su flavoured shari. Writing about this make me wanna revisit again, asap!

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Akagai – Ark Shell or red clam

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Snow crab
Super duper sweet! Amai!

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Shime Saba – cured mackerel

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Special handroll
Ahhhhh, big big big love! Chef spoiled us with this handroll .

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Uni Handroll
Ahhhhhhhhh (I ahh-ed longer), triple big big big love! Always love handroll this way, loaded with uni, velvety smooth and sweet.

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Tempura Shirako, sprinkled with charcoal salt
Crispy on the outside and soft velvety fluffiness on the inside.

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Do you know Kunio-san make really great yakitori too?! if I am not mistaken, yakitori is available only on Mondays.

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By this time, we popped another bottle of sake – Midorikawa Junmai from Niigata, this sake went so well with savoury food like yakitori.

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Bonjiri – chicken’s tail.
I am not a big fan of chicken’s butt or tail but this wowed me! All came in perfect same size and it was very aromatic with the grilled “fats”.

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Kawa – chicken skin
Another favourite of mine, beautifully grilled to its perfect crispiness.

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Grilled pork belly

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Yummy! And that on the side was a special miso (I forgot its name) to go with the yakitori.

As usual, another great and satisfying meal with the sushi and yakitori. The shari is extremely addictive; the flavours, the chewiness, and the temperature, all are on the point.

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And happy birthday to my super bff!

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N-1-4 Plaza Damas,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Taman Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours:
Weekdays: 12pm to 2pm and 5pm to 9.30pm
Weekends: 2pm to 9.30pm
Closed on Thursdays.
Tel: 03-6211 1771

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