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I gotta be fast, LOL. That’s because my friends are all very efficient in posting on social media. I also wanna “compete” and post them up here.

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Super happy with the Dine with Visa deal, I get to revisit TAKA again. And also thanks to my friend’s powerful credit card, we were able to get the additional discount a little bit more on top of that usual deal with Visa. Haha.

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Happy to see that the protective glass at the front counter has been taken off, I could get better snapshots of the chef Yazawa and his work.

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Tossaki – Chopped Tuna Roll
Creamy, luscious and very flavourful. It incorporated amazingly with the shari that came with plump and chewy rice grains and aromatic nori. As I chewed, the savouriness of the nori “dispersed” out, blending so well all together. Always my favourite and it literally brought me back to Hakkoku again.

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Somehow, the taste of the shari was slightly different from my previous visit. I couldn’t be quiet sure until I moved on to next few and then… hmmm, yes, I could confirm it was slightly slightly and very slightly different from my first visit, yet still good.

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Shima Aji Sashimi – Striped Jack Sashimi

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Innards of Sea Bream
Best to pair with sake due to its rich savouriness or shall called it as 下酒菜

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Madai – Sea Bream
Ahhh, clean and crisp.

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Ishigaki – clam
I am super afraid of –gai or any type of clams. I once had a trauma from it, for its fishiness taste in the palate which I can still remember, very clearly until now. So, I would try to avoid summer course at all cost. LOL. But… … … TAKA changed me. TAKA changed my perception and impression to the gai (or clam). This Ishigakigai was super fresh and crunchy, hinted with sweetness!

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Here came to the start of tuna medley.

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Akami – Tuna Loin

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Chutoro – Medium Fatty Tuna

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Otoro – Fatty Tuna

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Shima Ebi – Grey Prawn

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Uni – Sea Urchin
Ahhh… instantly melt on the palate, creamy and sweet

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Anago – Sea Eel
When you see anago, you sure know the meal is calling to an end. It was warm, light and fluffy as an ending.

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Omiotsuke – miso soup

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Strawberry Blancmange
Creamy, light and perfectly paired with strawberry. It’s the Chef’s new creation!

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After the dinner, Yazawa san showed off his interview on the magazine.

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As I asked for autograph, he happily returned with his special pen and the print out of his interview, autographing for us, LOL! And kept mentioningとても 難しい as he autographing the print out ! Too funny!!! Can’t wait to return for more of his sushi!

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The St. Regis, Level 3A,
6, Jalan Stesen Sentral 2,
Kuala Lumpur Sentral,
50470 Kuala Lumpur.

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