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My latest sushi meal ignited the fire in me to pick up this procrastinated piece of work. This was my very first time (or maybe it will be my one and only time) splurging heftily on such a meal. So of course I must pen down the experience.

It was a thrilling and exciting experience to follow Jessie on her birthday sushi trip in Tokyo. I joined only one of her sushi meals; she had more during that November trip. You may check it out on her IG at @makijessiesoon.

We almost couldn’t get her idol’s session because Chef Hiroyuki Sato or Chef Sato (or we like to call him Hiro-san) was having a Sushi World Tour in Manila, Philippines; but but but… he was back on duty right on the day we were leaving to our home country! Tear of joy! Super glad that we bought a red-eye flight ticket, we savoured to the last minute till our flight!

ginza hakkoku (4)


Located in the heart of Ginza district, Hakkoku is set high up at third floor inside a building here in 6-Chome. The premise is painted in black, modern yet minimalist. Its waiting area is like an art piece. Just so wow. Even the name of the restaurant and the logo are like pieces of art!

ginza hakkoku (3)

ginza hakkoku (1)

ginza hakkoku (7)

The restaurant has three counters that can accommodate 6 diners at a time. We were seated at Hiro-san’s counter. This gastronomic journey began with small chats with Hiro-san and the other diners. I felt a touch of warmth; chef is fun and charismatic, he will try to know his diners, chat with them and the whole dining experience was very cosy and it was as though dining with close friends.

ginza hakkoku (6)

Our meal was consisted of a total of 30 pieces nigiri, a handroll and ended with an egg, a few vegetable palate cleansers, and a soup. 30 pieces, with seasonal best ingredients!!! That’s the most sushi I had in a meal! I thought I won’t be able to finish it but wow, I made it (I requested to have baby shari on the fifth nigiri onwards but anyhow the shari got slight bigger and bigger like ‘toddler shari’ or ‘child shari’ one after another. LOL)!

ginza hakkoku (9)

Do note that if you would like to be at Hiro-san’s counter, you must make your reservation as early as possible, maybe a few months in advance; as his counter only take up 6 diners at a time.

ginza hakkoku (8)

Tossaki 突先
Our sushi meal was started off with the heart-wowing Tossaki handroll. Tossaki is the part at the tuna’s neck. When I took my first bite, I was hooked! It was very creamy and very flavourful, along with the flavourful and unique shari that came with a sharp quick spike of sourness, and aromatic nori (seaweed); everything blended together in the oral cavity, combined with the amylase that start doing its works. It was so amazing, very appetizing and it just worked like appetite booster!

Since then, I miss Tossaki so much, till I finally get it here in KL (will blog about soon, I promise).

ginza hakkoku (10)

ginza hakkoku (11)

Hirame 平目

ginza hakkoku (12)

ginza hakkoku (13)

Kasugodai 春子鲷

ginza hakkoku (14)

Kisukobujime 鱚昆布メ

ginza hakkoku (15)

Shirako 白子

ginza hakkoku (16)

Botanebi 牡丹海老

ginza hakkoku (17)

Kinmedai 金目鲷柚庵漬

ginza hakkoku (18)

Shimesaba メ鯖

ginza hakkoku (19)

Nihamaguri 煮蛤

ginza hakkoku (20)

Ainame 鮎魚女

ginza hakkoku (21)

ginza hakkoku (22)

Iwashi 鰯
Another beautiful piece, isn’t it?! This was another memorable piece of nigiri.

ginza hakkoku (23)

Buri 鰤

ginza hakkoku (24)

Tairagai 平貝

ginza hakkoku (25)

Shako 蝦蛄
Ahhh another new neta in my sushi journey. I learned many new things during this sushi session. They were all heart-wowing.

ginza hakkoku (26)

Ikura イクラ

ginza hakkoku (27)

Sumiika 墨烏賊

Here came the Hakkoku’s special – tuna medley ! There were 5 of them!

ginza hakkoku (28)

ginza hakkoku (29)

ginza hakkoku (31)

ginza hakkoku (33)

ginza hakkoku (34)

ginza hakkoku (32)

ginza hakkoku (30)

Her “star struck” moment. Hahaha, sorry I just have to put this up here. Memorable

ginza hakkoku (36)

Kohada 小肌

ginza hakkoku (38)

Kuruma ebi 車海老

ginza hakkoku (40)

Ankimo 鮟肝
Ahhh, another favourite of mine!

ginza hakkoku (41)

Katsuo 鰹
A really delicious Katsuo is hard to get, and I found it here.

ginza hakkoku (42)

Sawara kobujime 鰆昆布メ

ginza hakkoku (43)

ginza hakkoku (44)

Kaki 低温調理の牡蠣

ginza hakkoku (45)

Koubakogani 香箱蟹
So sweet!!! Amai!

ginza hakkoku (37)

ginza hakkoku (46)

Nodoguro のど黒

ginza hakkoku (47)

Uni 雲丹

ginza hakkoku (48)

ginza hakkoku (49)

Honestly, watching Hiro-san making sushi is like a lively art performance. Harmony.

ginza hakkoku (50)

ginza hakkoku (51)

Anago 穴子

ginza hakkoku (53)

Gyoku 玉
The amazing tamagoyaki that tasted like crème brulee! Standing beautifully with a crackling layer of caramelised top. I also wanna have double like Jessie’s !

ginza hakkoku (52)

These were Jessie’s one because it was her birthday!!

ginza hakkoku (54)

ginza hakkoku (55)

Autographing our menu pieces for us to bring home.

ginza hakkoku (56)

One with Hiro-san

ginza hakkoku (57)

Another one with US! Ultra mega satisfying meal with great company

ginza hakkoku (5)

ginza hakkoku (2)

7-6, Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0061

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4 thoughts on “TOKYO: Hakkoku”

  • Thanks for sharing this review! I went to his previous shop Sushi Tokami for 3 times previously but didn’t have the chance to try this new place, hoping Japan to re-open soon for a visit! When was this visit?

    • I went in November 2019. It was a great experience in Hakkoku. You can give a try.
      Yeah, hopefully Japan reopens soon and we get to visit to these sushiya.

  • Hi, do you mind sharing how you managed to get a reservation at Hakkoku? There doesn’t seem to be a website. Is it phone reservation only? If so, can you reserve in English? Thanks!

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