Summer’s Mino @ Sushi Oribe, KL

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Sushi Oribe is the sushiya where I can really find excitements! Thanks to Nao-san’s magical hands and skill, performing extra well on his stage, serving us his best of very best’s nigiri(s). I still very love his creations, with excitements overloaded!

Read all about my sushi experience here with Nao San: Birthday 2023, Mino New Year’s Special , Mino Valentine’s Special and my first sushi experience with Nao San .

oribe summer mino (2)

Spotted new pets here, moving actively. LOL

oribe summer mino (3)

Got really excited when we were seated, hand written menu! That’s full of omotenashi! 太感动了!Nao San then explained about 水無月 and the menu to us.

oribe summer mino (5)

oribe summer mino (4)

Summer’s Mino, all for us this day.

oribe summer mino (7)

Pickled ginger, always the great stuff to clean the palate before the next nigiri.

oribe summer mino (6)

Appetiser – edamame agedashi tofu, creative new stuff but it was slightly on the saltier side.

oribe summer mino (8)

Ainame – fat greenling
With shiokombu, shiso leaf and shiokara (salted and seasoned fish stomach)
Love its firm texture, with touches of savouriness from shiso leaf and shiokara.

oribe summer mino (9)

Aji – horse mackerel

oribe summer mino (13)

Tachiuo – beltfish
It was aburi-ed, then dashed with yuzu peels. It has both charred aroma and tangy freshness from yuzu peels.

oribe summer mino (10)

oribe summer mino (12)

oribe summer mino (11)

Nao san just loves playing with the fire torch. LOL

oribe summer mino (14)

Botan ebi – botan shrimp from hokkaido
Botan ebi is cut in a different way to bring out its extra sweetness, topped with caviar for a layer of umami.

oribe summer mino (17)

Mekajiki – swordfish
Another new cut in my neta-dictionary and it surprised me. The mekajiki belly is marinated with soy sauce for a day, spiked with chili padi miso, and served with crunchy nori (seaweed). This was really surprising as it layered with layers of umami-ness. It was seriously so good.

oribe summer mino (15)

oribe summer mino (16)

oribe summer mino (18)

Shima aji belly – striped jack

oribe summer mino (19)

Hokkaido White Corn Chawanmushi
Corn is grinded and blended into the egg, creating a very crème brulee-liked steamed egg custard but in savoury form, velvety smooth. and topped with the sweetest hokkaido white corn. This was a huge surprise after the January’s mentaiko chawanmushi! Now that I wouldn’t want to skip any of their chawanmushi anymore!

oribe summer mino (20)

Isaki – grunt fish
Or chicken fish cos its texture is like chicken. The skin is scalded? (According to Jessie, it is known as湯引き in Japanese), and topped with yuzu kosho.

oribe summer mino (24)

Hokkaido uni, aori ika – sea urchin and bigfin reef squid
Awwww, this was soooooo good! Sweet uni with chewy squid, blending the whole nigiri in the mouth with the amylase. 甜甜糯糯的, ahhh, it was such an amazing nigiri that I almost teared! (Not exaggerating. LOL)

oribe summer mino (21)

oribe summer mino (23)

One shot before the Aori Ika blanketed over the uni gunkan.

oribe summer mino (28)

Anago Oshizushi
Known as pressed sushi that is originated from Kansai region. It comprised of wasabi leaves, shiokombu, goma, shiso, katsuobushi, swiped with a touch of sweet sauce and touched with sansho (mountain pepper). Shiawase is what I felt at that moment! This was also my first time having oshizuhi from Nao san!

oribe summer mino (25)

oribe summer mino (27)

oribe summer mino (31)

Very thick huge sushi roll that is made of everything tuna! With akami, chutoro, ootoro, shimofuri; topped with ikura and uni! Ahhhh… double shiawase, double happiness!

oribe summer mino (29)

oribe summer mino (30)

One shot before the addition of special shoyu to the tuna maki… then Nao san topped more surprises to our maki roll!

oribe summer mino (32)

It was superrrrrrrr great!

oribe summer mino (33)

Wasabi leaves

oribe summer mino (35)

Miso soup

oribe summer mino (36)

Dashi tamago yaki

oribe summer mino (39)

Dessert – matcha monaka

oribe summer mino (40)

Yuzu Tea

oribe summer mino (38)

And happy birthday to Sze, our June’s baby!

oribe summer mino (41)

oribe summer mino (1)

oribe summer mino (37)

ご馳走さまでした Nao San

Sushi Oribe
Ground Floor,
Block C-1, Vipod Residence,
No. 6, Jalan Kia Peng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Lunch: 12pm – 3pm
Dinner: 6pm – 11pm

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