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TAKA is now headed by Chef Yazawa Daichi who used to work in Hakkoku as the third counter chef; serving the true authentic edomae style sushi with the freshest seasonal ingredients airflown from Japan.

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We went for their TSUKI course that was priced at Rm 480 (in Februry 2022), comes with 8 Sushi and 1 Sushi Roll, only available at Lunch. This meal made me 梦回 Hakkoku !!! The whole sushi journey, I was ahhhh-ed before eating and hmmmm-ed during chewing. So delicious!

Right now, if you asked me where to go for the best sushi, I will answer you TAKA sits top in my list, following with Sushi Oribe , Uo Sho , and Sushi Ori . Please be reminded, look for counter seats (no matter which Sushiya).

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Tossaki – Tuna’s Neck
This start, I am dead. Tossaki is my weak point; my heart and soul… were totally sold to it. I wanted to cry … You may think I am being drama or exaggerating… but honestly, I really wanted to tear!!! That’s because it literally brought back memories of Hakkoku !

It was very creamy and flavourful. It blended well with the shari that came with great level of sourness and the aromatic nori. I took my own sweet time to chew it slowly, carefully and more detail. As time goes by, it brought out different level of flavours, lingered round the oral cavity. Yum.

I felt as though I was transported back to Tokyo that day! I am super happy now we are able to eat tossaki again, in KL!!!

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Hirame, with its engawa – flounder and its fin
The engawa that I love! Crunchy and chewy engawa, along with a clean fresh taste of hirame.

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Iwashi – Sardine
We were given an option for hikarimono (silvered skinned fish), either Iwashi or Saba. I wanted to have Saba in the first place as I was quite afraid of the fishiness of sardine. But Jessie convinced us to go for Iwashi as it was pretty hard to get in KL’s sushiya. Well, great choice! It was incredibly wowwwww… just looked at the cut of it. Beautiful.

It was garnished with small dollop of negi oroshi, and it turned out to be a beautiful medley on your tongue. As I chewed on, with the mixture of amylase, the flavours slowly churned out. The shari, the sardine and negi, it was very hard to explain how wow it was!

And now I am really looking forwards to try out their Kohada and Aji.

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Mochi Karasumi Isobe Yaki – Dried Mullet Roe and Rice Cake wrapped with Nori
Inhouse-made karasumi was salted and then marinated in Chinese rice wine. So happy to get combination like this! I wish we’d ordered sake, it will be the perfect combo… but … we were too broke for it. LOL.

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Chef then showed us where they get their tuna supply from, from one of the best tuna broker in Japan, Yamayuki. We were told that it was a great block of tuna they received that day.

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Akami – Lean Tuna
Another mind-blowing start on the tuna medley.

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Chutoro – medium fatty tuna
Check out that pinkish gradient, wow oh wow! This piece surprised all of us and it was very memorable.

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Ootoro – fatty tuna
Another amazing piece of course, but the wow-ness of the Chutoro overtook this Ootoro. Again, words really can’t describe how amazing it was!

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Kuruma Ebi – Japanese Tiger Prawn
One word, SWEET!

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Bafun Uni – Sea Urchin
Ahhhh, an overflowing one! Creamy and sweet! Love it!

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Anago – Conger Eel
It was warm, light and fluffy. I was really very happy to taste such delightful anago. This one was swept with sweet sauce.

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Gyoku – Egg
Crème brulee –liked tamagoyaki with crackling layer of caramelized top. Same same like Hakkoku!

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Miso Jiru – Miso Soup

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Egg ice cream with strawberry and red bean paste, wrapped with mochi skin

Perfect meal. Literally perfect! Looking forwards my next experience in TAKA. Wait me save money for it first ya. 🙂

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The St. Regis, Level 3A,
6, Jalan Stesen Sentral 2,
Kuala Lumpur Sentral,
50470 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours:
Lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm;
Dinner: 6pm to 9.30pm
Closed on Mondays

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