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We started off our cousin-bonding with drinks, and many many of the sake here in SAKE MARKET.

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Hidden up here inside a building in Akihabara, SAKE MARKET is the place for those who truly enjoy drinking and appreciate sake! Inside here, you get to try different brands and varieties of sake; be it junmai-shu, junmai ginjo, junmai daiginjo, genshu, namazake, daiginjo… and many more. You get to sample 100 kinds of sake from all over Japan! Aside from sake, they offer fruit wine, umeshu, shochu, beer, sours and non-alcoholic beverages too.

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They do have a sister’s outlet in Shinjuku too and reservation can be done on TableCheck.

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So… how to get started?

First, purchase a course!
There are three all-you-can-taste courses available – 30 mins, 90mins and unlimited time; priced at ¥ 1,500, ¥ 2,500 and ¥ 3,600 respectively. If you pick the 30 mins or 90mins plan, you may choose to extend the session after your time course has ended.

During weekends and holidays, they offer Lunch Course (12pm to 4pm) with all-you-can-taste plan with unlimited time, priced at only ¥ 2500. I am gonna make plan for this weekend lunch course if I am travelling to Tokyo again. That’s so value for money with a long unlimited time course!

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Do take note that there are some ground rules to follow or you will be kicked out from the premise. LOL.

After making the payment and you will be directed to your designated table. Next, pick up 3 cups of your preference and start choosing the bottle and fill up the cups! Start sampling!

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The sake are stored according to the categories inside the refrigerators. This is handy when it comes to picking up a bottle from the category you like; be it fruity, dry, light and dry, light and sweet, nigori, namazake… If you are unsure which one to start first, always check out the osusume (staff’s recommendations) and they are pasted above the fridge!

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happiness is to see bottles and bottles and bottlessss in the fridges

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If you would like to try warm sake, there are warmer and flask here for your sake.

SAKE MARKET offers simple snacks, but they also allow you to bring in your own snacks and food or have it delivered to the premise! How cool! There are plates, utensils, microwaves for you to reheat the food too.

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This time, we took the 30 minutes’ course that is priced at ¥ 1,500 and we managed to sample a few great one at the limited time course. As I recalled, each of us managed to sample around 10 glasses. Some of the label bottles were really cute and pretty! We were happy that we found something we like. How we wished we could do it all night long but too bad; we had an early train to catch next morning.

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Most memorable one to me, fruity, sweet aroma, elegant and quite special on the palate. Just like what the label mentioned: The ultimate bottle brewed with the aim of going Beyond the Excitement. Truly it is beyond the excitement!! Later then we found that this was some real good expensive bottle. LOL.

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Get your breath refreshed with the help of candy or gums. Real omotenashi!

SAKE MARKET Akihabaraten
HULIC & New AKIHABARA 10階, 4 Chome−4−2,
Sotokanda, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 〒101-0021, Japan

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