TOKYO: 6th by Oriental Hotel

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6th by Oriental Hotel

This café/restaurant is located at Yurakucho area; serving western or mainly Italian-styled cuisine but they have these pancakes and cheesecakes which are something to die for.

With the essence from the oldest hotel in Japan, the Oriental Hotel in Kobe, one will easily fall in love with this place. The interior, the ambience, the vibe here, are kinda different when comparing with other places in Tokyo. Ohh, I must say, do check out the washroom; there is something really special about the door knob/lock!

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Now, let me share more of the photos to do the talking.

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Truffle and Cheese French Fries (¥ 900)
I guess this was my very first time having fries in JAPAN (don’t count those snack or from fast food chain)! Purposely ordered this fries like how I often did in KL for their umami fries. Of course they are different. Here in Tokyo they serve truffle and cheese while KL one is dosed with bonito flakes. Don’t ask me which I like more because I love both.

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Oil Spagehttini with Chicken ragu and White Kidney Beans (¥ 1300)
Pasta set came with salad and bread. Though we ordered this for sharing, they were quite thoughtful and gave each of us a piece of bread!

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300g Simple Grilled Kirishima Pork with Mashed Potatoes (¥ 2900)
From the Kirishima black pig, grilled to perfection; simple yet delicious! The meat appeared to be in pinkish hue, succulent and tender.

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“Basque Style” Cheese Cake (¥ 900)
Frequent to The Tokyo Restaurant KL quite a bit for their legendary 6th Avenue Cheese Cake and also the matcha cheesecake , finally I got to try out the original version in Tokyo. No doubts, it was delicious, but as a matcha lover, I love the KL version that comes with Matcha flavour.

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Classic Pancake (¥ 1300)
Very old-fashioned looking pancake, served with whipped butter and maple syrup. It was pillowy fluffy like the Japanese soufflé pancakes; eggy and not too sweet. Must have if you got a chance to come here. It may look simple, but it tastes amazing!

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They offer other toppings too, at an additional price; such as fresh whip cream, vanilla ice cream or sliced banana; or more combo like chocolate and caramel sauce.

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Here on the day to celebrate friend’s birthday (that happened on last year)! Wish we could do more travelling soon.

Getting here:
6th by Oriental Hotel is about 1 minutes’ walk from JR Yamanote Line Yurakucho Station, or easily accessible from Tokyo Metro Hibiya line, Mita line, Chiyoda line, Yurakucho line stations.

6th by Oriental Hotel
1 Chome−12−1, Shin-Yurakucho Building, 1F
Chiyoda City, Yurakucho, 〒100-0006 Tokyo.

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