Japan Trip 2017: 7D6N Spring in Tokyo & Hakone

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Dream comes true! Finally, my dream comes true! I got to have this eye opening experience with my BFF <3

It’s Hanami in Tokyo in late of March where we get to have the sakura viewing experience to welcome the beautiful spring.


花見 in Tokyo + Hakone

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4
KL/ TokyoTokyoTokyoTokyo/ Hakone
Gontran Cherrier Shinjuku BranchBentomi Sushi 寿司弁富Konbini
Hidemi Sugino
Tsukiji Market
Nakamise Shopping Street
Sensoji Temple
> Travel to Mount Takao高尾山on Keio Line
Steak & Hamburg Kuishinbo
Suzukien x Nanaya GelatoSoba/ Udon house
Flying with ANAUeno Park
Ameyoko アメ横
Shinjuku Gyoen (but closed)
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
Takeshita Street
Bill’s Omotesando
PABLO Cheese Tart
Explore Mount Takao:
Takao-san Yakuo-in Temple
Tengu no Koshikake-sugi
Mount Takao Summit
Eat: Dango
Chouxcream Chouxcri
Dinner大江戶迴轉壽司Gyutan Tororo Mugi-meshi NegishiTorikizoku 鳥貴族
Shinjuku Kabukicho
Daikoku Drug Store
Supper横浜家系ラーメンYatai 屋台HARBS
Take away 豐後高田とり
StaySun Members Tokyo ShinjukuSun Members Tokyo ShinjukuSun Members Tokyo ShinjukuHotel Route Inn Tokyo Asagaya
Day 5Day 6Day 7
InTokyo/ HakoneHakone/ TokyoTokyo
KonbiniHotel breakfastHotel breakfast
> Travel to Hakone by Odakyu Romance Car
Checked in hotel
Hakone Ropeway
Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Hot Spring

Yunessun + Mori-no-yu
Hanami in Shinjuku Gyoen
Tsukiji Market
LunchKonbiniAfuri Ramen
Lake Ashi
Hakone Shrine
Hot spring bath @ hotel
Gotemba Premium Outlet
Food court
Shibuya Crossing
Dominique Ansel Bakery
DinnerHotel dinnerHakata RamenAirport Konbini
Don Quijote KabukichoTIAT Duty Free
SupperGoodbye Tokyo, JP
StayHotel Mount View HakoneHotel Route Inn Tokyo Asagaya


Hanami in tokyo 2017

Here is the breakdown of the spending of my trip, everything exclude shopping. We spent on food, great sushi in the market and fantastic desserts. Also day trip to mount Takao and overnight trip with the most shiawase meal in Hakone. For this trip, we spent about Rm 4260 per pax (exclude shopping). Many “thanks” to the weak currency we are having. The exchange rate was 1000yen = Rm 40. Sigh. Pray hard for a better economy and stronger currency in near future.


Oversea wifi is the best invention ever!!! It is very handy to have one when you are travelling, for GPS location, google translation, for area, restaurants and shops information, for you to keep spamming your Instagram or facebook feed. It is super convenient to have one in your hand. Priced very affordable too. Remember to book at Visondata / Samurai Wifi and collect yours before travelling.

What I love most on Visondata’s device:
– Small and handy, I can just put in my pocket.
– UNLIMITED data at just Rm 20/day!!!
– Super long lasting battery; I hardly rely on the powerbank.
– Sharing up to 5 pax.
– The line was super smooth and fast! Love it max that we kept spamming the social feeds with photos and live scene.
– Wide coverage! I went up the mountain and I was still able to connect. I didn’t find any disruption at all throughout my trip.
– Collect and return at convenient spots.

Highlight of the trip

1. Savour a nice piece of bread in the land of rising sun


2. Queued to sample the creation of Asia’s Best Pastry Chef 2015
This definitely worth my time queuing for their extra delicate and feathery dessert. I will have this post on its own for sure!

20170330_102248 (2)

3. Beer and picnic in Ueno Park



4. Shop for goods in Ameyoko
A busy market street along the tracks between Okachimachi and Ueno Station; this place has got everything you need here. Clothes, bag, cosmetic, fruits, food and etc. Things are cheaper than many other places! We got the super juicy strawberries all at only 2000 yen.



5. Continue to chase for Sakura in Shinjuku Gyoen
Too bad, it was close already when we got there on the first day but we got a glimpse of Sakura Tree outside the garden


6. Night view Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building


7. Yummiest sushi that won’t burn your wallet.
Because every plate is only ¥ 150 !!!



8. Go luxe on breakfast with Sushi plate in Tsukiji Market.
Forget about Sushi Dai and Sushi Daiwa that are forever in the long queue. We hopped over to the place that was less crowded and came out with super full stomach


9. Doing the must do in Asakusa
Which is taking the photo with this red lantern and of course visit the Sensoji.

IMG-20170331-WA0053 (2)

10. Slurp up the intense level 7 matcha ice cream
No other place but in SUzukien x Nanaya


11. Explore into Takeshita Dori
The 400 meters fashionable street that lined with trendy shops, fashion, boutique and fast food chain! Also, people comes here for Lolita too


Getting here:
Direct access from JR Harajuku Station Takeshita Exit

12. Eat the freshly fried chips in Calbee+
Best chips ever!


13. Dig in the fluffiest pancake!
Softest fluffiest pancake and some says it’s No.1!


14. PABLO cheese tart, still the best over here.
So do their SOFT SERVE!



15. How can we say no to GYUTAN at Negishi


16. Get adventure on the chair lift up to Mt Takao!


17. Slurp up the hot soba and warm sake at the cold weather
Never thought the weather can be as cold as 7degree during spring


18. Hike up to the peak at 599 meter high



and drink hot sake!!!

19. Order all because it’s only 280 yen for everything in Torikizoku


20. Up we go, on Hakone Ropeway


21. Do you wanna build a snowman?!
It was still snowing during spring time!!! BRrrrrr…


22. It says eat 1 kuro-tamago will add 7 years to your life


23. Board the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise and sail along Lake Ashi


24. Zen in Hakone Jinja
Stands at the foot of Mount Hakone alone the shores of Lake Ashi, is this shrine with a beautiful tori gate that stands strongly at Lake Ashi. Hidden here is a very popular baby wishing tree where people come here to wish for babies and pray for safe delivery.


25. Splurge on the shiawase stay in an onsen hotel
That comes with hot spring bath, course dinner meal and the most shiawase breakfast!



26. Splash water in the Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Hot Spring


27. Shop til you drop in Gotemba Premium Outlet


28. More Hanami in Shinjuku Gyoen




29. Zest up the tongue with Afuri Ramen


30. The Hanami date with my idols!


Detail post will be up soon! What and where do you guys wanna read first?!

Extra Stuff You Can Do in Tokyo


If you would like to polish up your skill on cooking Japanese cuisine, feel free to join one of the cooking classes held in Tokyo . There are numerous classes for you to try on, such as Sushi making , Ramen and Gyoza Class , Tempura Class and etc. They are all conveniently located in Tokyo. I am now eyeing on the Wagashi Class and also Bento Class to power up my bento skill.

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6 thoughts on “Japan Trip 2017: 7D6N Spring in Tokyo & Hakone”

  • Hi Ivy

    Its me again thanks for your advise on the private onsen the other, can I check with you 1 more thing. You went to Gotemba Premium Outlet from Yunessun right?
    How did you go back to Shinjuku? From my research the Hakone Free Pass only provide the train ride back to Shinjuku but does not cover the hakone Highway bus. And there is only 1 bus at 5.15pm that takes 1 hour to travel back to Hakone Yumato station and from there is another 85mins back to Shinjuku even if I pay sucharge to take Romancecar which would be around 9pm. So I thought to hop onto the highway bus which seems is not covered under Hakone Free Pass but I just need to pay Y1650 to take 4pm bus and reach Shinjuku by 6pm. Would you know if the Hakone Free Pass cover the Hakone Highway bus from GPO to Shinjuku station? Also for the Hakone Free Pass understand I can only buy at the counter but the Romancar seat is encouraged to prebuy the ticket only. I want to add the surcharge of Y1080 on top of the freepass Y5140, how can I do it online when booking the Romancecar. Sorry so lengthy but I try to research these questions but not much luck.

    • Hi Michelle,
      I took the shuttle bus from GPO to Gotemba Station, and then took the Hakone Highway Bus back to Shinjuku.
      the Hakone Free Pass does not cover the fare for Hakone Highway Bus from GPO to Shinjuku, but there is a discounted fare from Gotemba Station to Shinjuku by showing the Hakone Free Pass when you buy the ticket at the bus station.
      I did it this way because i do not want to waste time running back to the Hakone Yimato station and back to shinjuku.

      as for the romance car, i paid for it at the romance car counter after i got the Hakone Free Pass. 🙂 the staff printed me the ticket for romance car on the spot.

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