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Press Butter Sand has been quite a hit ever since it is launched back then in April 2017. It has been in my makan list since their launch on day 1; but always never get the chance to grab them until the time in Tokyo last autumn. I have to say it is pretty hard to bump into it unless I purposely make a trip over.

Press Butter Sand works as the perfect souvenirs to bring home from Tokyo, if you are bored with Tokyo Banana or Royce. Using the very fine and pure Hokkaido butter and made with their unique “Bake and Press” technique to create an ideal balance of crispness on the cookies layers.

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The design of the cookies shell is pretty modern and stylish, the box-liked shape sandwiching the delicious butter cream and butter caramel filling. Each butter sandwich is individually wrapped with sophisticated looking packaging, and lay prettily in the box.

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Butter Sand (¥ 1,020 for a box of 5 cookies)
The cookies is flaky and buttery, sandwiching the butter cream and butter caramel; not overly sweet, munching them as a whole releasing more buttery scent of the crunchy cookies.

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Butter Sand Black (¥ 1,350 for a box of 5 cookies)
Only available in Shibuya’s store! It is made with finely selected cocoa powder and it has this bitterness of the chocolate on the cookies shells that is made of two different types of Columbian cocoa powder, contrasting the sweetness of the butter cream and rum fillings. If I were to pick a preference, I prefer the original flavour as it was more punch with the buttery aroma.

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Butter Sand Amaou Strawberry
Used to be Kyushu limited flavour but it is now available in other areas as well. Made with Fukuoka’s specialty, the Amaou Strawberry, with sourish strawberry fillings sandwiched in between two oretty pinkish buttery cookies crust. Many thanks to Jessie for the treat, souvenir from Fukuoka as she flew over for a 2-day trip!

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Press Butter Sand can be found in various locations in Tokyo such as JR Tokyo Station, Ikebukuro Station, Shinjuku’s Lumine. You can also pick up your last minute purchase in Haneda Airport Terminal 2 and Narita Airport Terminal 2 before flying off too!

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