TOKYO: Uniya no Amagokoro

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To be honest, I have no idea if this place is still around. There is very little information about this online. And yet border is not opened, and I have no chance to check it out myself if it is still around. Here I would like to pen down my past experience on savouring whole bowl of uni related dishes happily.

I do hope it is still around so that I can visit it again in the future.

Back in 2019 before the pandemic time when we got to travel freely, I visited this Uni specialty shop right after touching down from the plane and immediately transported myself to Tokyo station.

Tokyo Uniya (7)

Uniya no Amagokoro うに屋のあまごころ

Is a uni (or sea urchins) specialty restaurant that is located in Tokyo Station, featuring a variety of uni-related dishes that are made with interesting ways, in both traditional Japanese version as well as fuse with western version.

Many thanks to the buddy Jessie for introducing this to me. I got to savour this, first meal after touching down. BEST!

Tokyo Uniya (1)

Tokyo Uniya (2)

Tokyo Uniya (4)

Uniya no Uni don (¥ 2480)
One of the signature bowls in Uniya. On a bed of white fluffy rice, sprinkled with nori (seaweed flakes) and shiso leaves, topped with 3 different kinds of uni that came from Canada, Chile and of course Japan. The vibrant yellow on the most left was from Chile, the one with sesame toppings was from Canada while the one on shiso leaf was the Japanese Sea Urchin. This was the bowl that allows us to taste the sea urchin from different areas/ countries, and to find out the differences among them. As I recalled, the Japanese sea urchin was the sweetest among all. Texture wise, they were all creamy.

Tokyo Uniya (6)

Tokyo Uniya (3)

Uni Omu Rice (¥ 1400)
Another must order too! I have no idea why I didn’t order the other version that topped with uni mountain. But this was seriously good too.
A fluffy bed of Uni rice topped with uni omelet and then drenched with uni tomato cream, this was a triple layers goodness! The whole combination was fluffy, creamy and very flavourful. We polished clean the dishes, just the two of us.

Tokyo Uniya (5)

Uniya no Amagokoro
Tokyo Station, Yaesu North Exit
1st floor Kitchen Street 1-9-1 Marunouchi,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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