Let’s Bar-B-Que!

  • Sumo

Aiks, this is another back-dated post again. Yep I am in my holiday now and I must be free right?! But then how can I not writing my post frequently?! The reasons… firstly, I am not able to ‘go near’ to the computer. Youngest brother is in his holiday now and he uses comp. everyday for games. Then when second bro back from college, he needs it for his homework, gaming and facebook-ing. Begin the eldest me have no chance to ‘touch’ my computer at all. Conclusion, I have a lot of very back-dated post to type. Sigh… and I can only use the comp at midnight or when everyone is sleeping.

Back on food, this was the time me, my dad and youngest bro visited Bar.B.Q Plaza and we were going to barbeque out food. Where’s mum?! Well, she was busy shopping with my aunts.

Once we were seated, we were served with these…
There were lard on the above left; next to it was their special sauce. From the bottom left plate was the green chili flakes, lime and also chopped garlic. Their special sauce became incredibly appetizing after the additional of right amount of green chili flakes and lime and garlic into it. I prefer the sauce to be lil’ sourish so added more lime juice into it. 

As for the lard, it was used to oil the pan (functioned as cooking oil).
Since mum was not with us then we could not opt for the family meal set. So, we just went for their Supreme Pork setpriced at Rm 29 per set. The Supreme Pork set came with loads of vegetables (cabbages, carrots), pork slices, prawns, bacons.

There were not enough for the 2 ‘meat-eaters’. We had additional plate of beef (priced at Rm 4.50) for my brother.

And also lamb (priced at Rm 6.90) for us. The lamb slices were succulent and tender.

Seafood and meat slices were to be barbequed on the pan while vegetables had to be cook in boiling soup. And yet, the soup based was sweet after cooking/boiling vege.

As for the drinks, Hot and ice green tea priced at Rm 2.50 and Rm 2 respectively. Green tea e?! But I find no green tea taste in it. Anyway, you can refill the green tea as much as you can.

Brother had his Kiwi Squash (priced at Rm 3.50) which was tooooooooo sweet. We asked for extra ice to be added into the juice and it tasted too artificial.

Our set also came with 2 bowls of rice (no pic) and we find that the price is reasonable. Coming back for more?! Yes, I think so as my brother loves ‘playing / cooking’ with food on pan ^^

Bar B. Q. Plaza
1 Utama Shopping Complex
Tel: 03-77278148


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15 thoughts on “Let’s Bar-B-Que!”

  • did u order garlic rice? yamm yamm.. last time mii & my friend only cost us Rm80+ guess we ate alot.. fei mui~ lolx

  • been to the sunway branch b4…
    din get to eat the mutton slices though!! awww…must be yummy!!

    cant wait to see u this thurs! ^*^

  • when we wanna hit this place together? can ask yen along also 🙂 dunno whether she has tried it or not. hehe.. Miss this place! I mean the food here!!

  • we would usually go for bbq plaza whenever we are around one u..hehe..love the sauce and the yummy bacon!!

    ling239: they will froze the meat before they cut it into slices..we actually saw them doing that

  • yammylicious,
    the garlic rice nice?! i didn’t upgrade the rice to garlic rice. aiks… should have do it ><
    i was wondering so until KbCg told me bout it.

    ting fang,
    the mutton slices were great! a must order. mayb we can try taht out one day?!

    yeahhh. thurs!!! can’t wait. i think it must be more that 8 months i didn’t meet you.

    hehe, mayb yen tried before but she may have forgotten bout it. let’s hit the place one day.
    when are you free again ar?!

    u saw them processing the meat?! thanks for the info ya.
    love the sauces and pork n mutton slices ^^

  • We’ve been looking at the ad for so many times but yet we haven’t been there! Must try it out next time, it looks fun! Hehe!

  • We’ve been looking at the ad for so many times but yet we haven’t been there! Must try it out next time, it looks fun! Hehe!

  • jackson,
    ur sis said not good?! i think it’s depends on ppl to ppl. or so happened that the food were not well prepared on the day ur sis visited there?!

    yes yes! this is great during rainy day!

    wenching & esiong,
    go try it out and have fun. you will like it if u love to ‘masak-masak’. besides, they have smaller set suitable for 2.

    cheer up, just spare some times to 1 U ^^

    lol, that’s for my dad and Bro~

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