Gyukingu Japanese BBQ Restaurant 牛大王@ Kota Damansara

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Claimed as the best yakiniku restaurant in town; and yes, I must agree with that!


Gyukingu Japanese BBQ Restaurant


Located above Al-Rajhi Bank just opposite/beside the Sunway Giza Mall, this is a yakiniku restaurant that serves quality, juicy and fine meat. It houses an izakaya style dining with a variety of after-working-hour drinks available, but with yakiniku served in the restaurant. You may find your favourite parts of beef including offal over here and breedings from different regions in Japan. Of course it can be pricey too when it comes to higher end of meat such as wagyu beef and Japanese beef as they count by grams. Pork and chicken are available too. Come during lunch hour for a more pocket-friendly lunch set.




Ume Shawa (Rm 14.8) – Plum cocktail. Bottled Sapporo Beer (Rm 15.8), Draft Sapporo Beer and Orion Beer are available too.


Yukke Sashimi (Rm 27)
Raw beef slices mixed with spices and topped with a raw egg yolk. Gave it a stir to the dish and voila! An amazing fresh raw beef dish as the starter.


Okinawa’s Iberico Bacon (Rm 21.9)
A must-order dish if you are here. The bacon is layered with both firm and jelly-like fats. Love the layers of fat as they were springy and bouncy. Pretty fragrant and delicious too!


Dinner Set (Rm 120 for 2 pax)
We had the set dinner that is sufficient to feed 2. The set came with Jyo Karubi (Boneless beef short rib), Jyo Ro-su (beef sirloin), Hone Tsuki Karubi (beef short rib with bone), kimchi and kkakdugi (radish kimchi), sanchu (vegetables), 2 bowls of soup and white rice and ended with fruits.


kimchi and kkakdugi (radish kimchi)



sanchu (vegetables)


Jyo Karubi (Boneless beef short rib)


Hone Tsuki Karubi (beef short rib with bone)


Jyo Ro-su (beef sirloin)


Bring them on the wire mesh and grill over the charcoal fire and cook the meat slices till yummy to be eaten. Gyuginku knows how to flavour the beef slices well. The beef slices were marinated flavourfully. We kept mmm-ed and mmmm-ed over our meal. One can opt for the help of the friendly staff to grill them for you or do it yourself. We did it all by ourselves until there was once the charcoal fire flamed up due to the fatty droplets of the beef slices, the staff came to help us with the fire. A plus point having your yakiniku here too, the staff will change the mesh wire frequently as soon as they saw the grease sticking on the wire.


Saga Jyo Karubi (Rm 145/ 100gram)
This was the star of the night – Saga Special Calbi that appeared in fresh pink and layered with intense and fine marbling. One of the highly graded Japanese beefs besides Matsuzaka Beef and Kobe Beef, this Saga Beef is famous for its fine marbled meat where fatty meat blend with tender lean meat.


Lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, it was heavenly good with double melt-in-mouth texture (the normal one in the set already has the melt-in mouth texture; but this one double or triple, I am not exaggerating) after grilling over the charcoal fire. The natural fat/oil was non greasy and left a kind of fragrant buttery taste lingering in the mouth. Also remember to greasy the grilled saga beef slices over the white rice and allows the rice adsorb the oily bits. Oh ya, beware when you are grilling over the charcoal fire as it is easily flamed up than the normal beef slices.







Yuzu Sherbet (Rm 10) & Green Tea Ice Cream (Rm 5)
A sweet ending as well as to cleanse our palate.

Thank pal for the yummy birthday meal! Can’t wait to revisit for their grilled beef (only can afford lunch set) and a yummy drink I eyed on!

Gyukingu Japanese BBQ Restaurant
28-2, Jalan PJU 5/17,
Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 603 – 6143 7750

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