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Sushi aficionados do take note, Chef Kyohei Igarashi is here in Kampachi to take reins as sushi master, serving to you the authentic edomae style sushi.

Hailing from Yamagata Prefecture, Chef Igarashi has discovered his passion in sushi making since young, and graduated from Sakata Culinary Institute where he learned and master the principles of sushi. He began his career as a sushi chef at Sushi Kappou Kashima in Yokohama. In 2012, he moved to Canada and became Head Chef at two Japanese Sushi Restaurants and continued his travels to Macau and Bangkok to become Executive Chef prior to his journey to Hawaii.

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With more than 20 years of experience working around the world, Chef Igarashi is an international chef who stays true to his Japanese roots. He will continue to promote the art of Sushi Omakase in Malaysia with his skills, making sushi with the freshest and in-season ingredients air flown from Japan.

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The Sushi Omakase course is pricing from Rm 500 per pax for a 7-course meal with 2-days advance reservation required. If you have a greater budget, you may top up to get a special customisable menu and this requires 7-days advance booking.

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前菜 Zensai
Vinegared dish of Ark Shell
A perfect starter to boost the appetite, with succulent and sweet akagai (ark shell) and pickled cucumber layered underneath.

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Steamed Egg Custard with Japanese Vegetables
Smooth silky wobbly Japanese steamed egg custard with kinoko mushroom, ginkgo and chef surprised us with the additional of mochi into it. It was quite a big wow to me. And also the very first time I came across mochi in the chawanmushi. The drizzle of special sauce made of mirin, soy sauce enhanced the flavour

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刺身 Sashimi
Hirame uni maki, kinmedai and shimesaba
Another amazing starter, with Flouder fish rolled in with sea urchin and negi (chopped spring onion), beautifully Seared Splendid Alfonsino, and cured mackerel. Although anything with uni is always my favourite, I was caught up with the flavour of cured mackerel this time. Chef told us that he cured the mackerel with vinegar for 30mins and then salted it for 3 hours! That’s a lot of efforts. The flavours churned out as I chewed, it was so flavourful, so delicious!

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Here in Kampachi, diners get to choose to have the sashimi with low sodium soy sauce that contains 45% less salt content, normal soy sauce or the homemade soy sauce. Of course, chef’s recommendation will be their homemade soy sauce that has enhanced with bonito flakes.

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Next up was the most anticipating moment – Sushi, the essence of the sushi omakase course! The course came with nigiri and maki, and we got to savour the best of the season. I have to say Chef is quite talented in using ingredients such as kombu, in-house shoyu to level up the flavours of the neta. Among the nigiri I had, Hirame, Hokkigai, Anago, Chutoro and Uni impressed me a lot, very memorable!

The flavour and the temperature of shari were there, just that on the first two nigiri, I found the shari was a little too compact (?) or sticky (?) to my liking (sorry, still figuring out how to express my sushi description glossary). Hence I informed the chef and next nigiri turned out pretty amazing after changing the batch of shari.

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Hokkigai Clam
Chef lightly blanched the clam to elevate the sweetness

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Hirame Kombushime – Kelp cured flounder

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Hokkaido Hotate – Scallop
Another sweetness overloaded nigiri with essence from the sea. This hokkaido scallop was as huge as my palm!

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香の物 Kounomono 
Pickled Cucumber with Mustard, Pickled Radish with Yuzu Sweet Vinegar as palate cleansing

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Shirauo – Ice Fish
Very seasonal, available in February, March. Chef had it touched with negi and ginger.

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Tai – Japanese Sea Bream

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Hokkaido Uni – Sea Urchin
It was bursting with creaminess and sweetness! So yum!

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Akami zuke – marinated tuna

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Slightly torched and touched with yuzu kosho

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Chutoro – medium fatty tuna

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Anago – conger eel

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巻物 Makimono
Kanpyo, kyuri shirogoma, gobo
Wintermelon, refreshing cucumber with white sesame, burdock

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This custard-like tamago requires 2 hours of making! That’s so much effort. It was added with fish and prawn for extra umami-ness, lightly sweeten in flavour. So precious.

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デザート Dessert
Amakusa Mikan
Closing our sushi omakase course with the juiciest orange from Ehime, the pulps were bursting with the sweetness and I must say it was like drinking orange juice as you bite through the pulps.

For Reservations, do call up Kampachi Plaza33 at +603 7931 6938 or book your seat at

Kampachi EQ offers Sushi Omakase too! Do call Kampachi EQ at +603 2789 7723 or book your seat at

Kampachi 33
P1-02, Level 1 Podium, Plaza 33,
No. 1 Jalan Kemajuan, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +60 3 7931 6938
Opening hours:
Lunch: Monday – Saturday 12pm – 3pm
Dinner: Monday – Sunday 6pm – 10pm

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