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Sakana Japanese Dining

A new Japanese dining place that has popped up in KLCC in early December, serving a wide range of Japanese dishes from sashimi to tempura, from simple comfort breakfast plate to sushi; and to pair with a tipple.

I visited Sakana Japanese Dining with my food buddies when it was about 3 weeks’ old after their opening in early December.

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Perhaps I put up a higher expectation as it is a sister restaurant to a reputable sushiya in KL and there were quite a lot of shares about this place on social media. However, my visit was kind of a disappointed one because there were a lot of dishes sold out or not available on that day (it was a Friday evening).

I wanted the Fresh Lemon Sour, but it was not available. Highball was not available in glass but bottle. And we wanted to try out the 7 Up Juicy Fried Chicken, which is the Karaage; sadly it was not available too! They offered another type of fried chicken – chilli karaage that day but it was all sold out. Honestly, it was kind of disappointed if an izakaya or a Japanese dining place does not offer the common must have karaage. Price was pretty steep to dine in here and some of the portions were pretty pathetic considering the price to pay for.

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I settled down at Suntory Gold (Rm 28)
Ice cold beer, the karaage’s best friend, but karaage was ‘not free for a meet up’ that night.

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Cream Soda (Rm 19)
Neon green melon flavoured soda drink with a scoop of ice cream, a very classic Japanese soda float.

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Yuzushu (Rm 22)

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Nuta AE (Rm 22)
A classic Kyoto style appetizer made of Japanese leek, sweet miso tuna and topped with myoga.

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Potato & Potato (Rm 18)
French fries with anchovies potato salad
Definitely the beer’s best friend! However, the portion is quite pathetic and the sticks of fries are countable.

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Chef’s Mom’s Beef Croquette (Rm 28)
A very delicious deep fried potato snack with crunchy panko shell and soft creamy potato with ground beef center. This was superb! Very delicious, must have if you are here.

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Japanese Oyster Deep Fried (Rm 28)
Another delicious deep fried snack, the juicy Japanese oyster.

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Ebi Chili (Rm 28)
Fried prawn with “Japanese spiciness level” chili sauce. In order word, it is like sweet sauce with fried prawn.

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Sakana Japanese Dining is specialized in yakitori too especially chicken parts. We tried a few of them such as Negima, Tsukune, Momo, Kawa and Eringi.

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Negima (Rm 14)

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Tsukune (Rm 18)

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Momo (Rm 14)

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Eringi Yaki (Rm 12)

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Kawa (Rm 12)

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Tempura Chirashi Soba (Rm 35)
Soba served with mixed tempura, very comforting.

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Coffee Jelly (Rm 16)

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Mozart Pudding (Rm 16)
Homemade pudding using LK farm eggs. Must must must order this! Super silky smooth and wobbly pudding drizzled with slight bitterness of caramel syrup, it made me miss Japan very much!

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Matcha Brownie (Rm 16)

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Sakana Japanese Dining
G11, Ground Floor,
Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2181 0211

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  • Looks so good, ebi chill is a .. very interesting name isn’t it? haha. so direct.

    Still haven’t do much indoor dining yet.. hopefully thing changes soon enough.

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