Greetings from Kuantan

  • Sumo

Holiday is over.
It is Time to ‘pack’ up myself and get back on studies. Final is just in one month time but I am still lazying around; never want to get a book and study.

Bad habit,
bad habit,
bad habit which I can’t throw away.

My aunt was traveling to Kuantan and brought us this.

The Biskut Kuantan manufactured and packed by Mun Heng Bakery. This can be found only in Kuantan. (Or Pahang?! Maybe.)

Blocks of biscuits with sprinkles of sesame full with the very hometown-feel.

The crunchy and hard biscuit are great and compatible with a cup of white coffee. The coffee brings out the fragrant of biscuit and the biscuit soaks up the aroma of coffee.

Best for laid back and relax days (my whole Raya-holiday — laid back and relax and TV and gaming and without book. Iksss… Guilty).

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14 thoughts on “Greetings from Kuantan”

  • Hahaha…no worries lar, give yourself a break:)
    Enjoy, you’re allowed to think of enjoying yourself without feeling guilty all the time, k?:D

  • new kid on the blog&

    true also. holiday is to relax and not to stress up yourselves.


    thanks thanks thanks. this make me feel less guilty lor. thanks thanks.

  • haha… I feel lazy after the long break as well ;P
    I’m still in holiday mood ;P bad bad…lol
    I want those biscuits! ^^

  • ling239,
    then u must ask them to bring some for u. best with a cup of aromatic coffee ya!

    precious pea,
    ya lorrr…
    holiday making us guilty after we spend it too ‘wisely’ n too lazily. aiksss

    jia you lor, but this sem u dun have much papers right?
    i am having 8 papers in 3 weeks. whole november would be a miserable month for me.

  • Aiyo, can see cannot eat d. Haha! Miss u as much as I miss the food. Haha! Nola, miss u more! Keke, anyway, take good care of yourself ya! 🙂

  • you should ta pau more so that you can eat the biscuits while studying mah…hehehe..

    best of luck in your finals!! 🙂

  • Yes, quite often we need a holiday to recuperate from our previous holiday. So, life should be just holidays! hahaha…if only!

  • sugar bean,
    miss u a lot here. aiks, no u guys really no fun lor… wuuuwuuuuwuuu…

    thanks a lot
    ya lor, nowadays always snacking while studying.
    but this biscuit is best for breakfast + coffee.

    aiks, enjoy the holiday forst then after that wuu…wuu…wuu…
    such a lazy me.

    big boys oven,
    sigh… life is so ‘xian’ larrr… but everyone have to go thru this also hor?!

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