my fave egg tarts~

  • Sumo

Finally I got to eat Tong Kee Brothers’ egg tarts lu… super happy. Since the stalls in Jusco mid valley and taman maluri have closed down, I don’t get to eat the egg tarts regularly. Yesterday, my parents went to Pudu area and they bought me half dozen of egg tarts and some puff like chicken curry puff, ‘lou poh’ biscuit , black sesame biscuit which looked almost the same as ‘lou poh’ biscuit and ‘lin yong + chicken’ biscuit. (never got to take picture before ‘sapu’+ ing by my youngest brother).

Freshly baked egg tarts only RM 1.00 each.


Crunchy chicken curry puff (not so sure if that’s the name) RM 1.20

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1 thought on “my fave egg tarts~”

  • wah, sot liao lar!!! posting food in the middle of the night!! the tarts look so nice, wanna taste it!! haha, saliva dripping, next time we go buy together ya!! keke!!

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