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I know this is an extreme delay for posting up the New Year trip (with my secondary gang), a biggie apologize to my secondary Surian gang (all 9 of them). It’s not that I don’t want to have these to be posted up but I have no extra time to compile and write on these early of the year. Coming soon, I will post up what we had, eat, fun out together during our trip. Do hope all of you all would enjoy reading my blog. ^^


Day 1 – 30 Dec 2007 (Day)

We were at the Air Asia Terminal early in the morning, waited for our flight. It has been quite some times since my last trip.

The plane flew passed Penang. Can you see the island and little cubes of building?!

We saw our destination! here we come — Langkawi.

It took us some times to settle the transport and checked-in to hotel we booked. Food was the next thing in our mind. We had the driver, Jimmy as our leader, drove aimlessly with the aids of Langkawi map looked out for food. The streets were quiet, most of the stalls or warung were not opened for business. I guess the more activities will be on at night.

Finally, we saw a restaurant was opened. We stopped by and headed in without hesitate. It was a pleasant environment in this restaurant.

Few glasses of fruit juice, iced blended chocolate and ice blended coffee. Both iced blended were topped with whipped cream, and a scoop of chocolate ice cream and sprinkles with some rainbow sugar. Langkawi’s weather was very warm at that period. We felt refreshing after having some fruit juices or iced stuff. However, these few glasses were kinda pricey and tasted ordinary.

Chicken Fried Rice ordered by one of them. The presentation was quite nice.

White Rice with fried shallots.

Ayam Masak Kicap, the chicken cooked with soya sauce was quite a disappointing one. It was over salted. We were all starved, so not much complains from us. We just had it eaten with lots of rice.

Udang Masak Manis was the deep fried prawn cooked in sweet and sour was okay for us. But the portion was quite small.

Sotong Goreng Sambal was the squid deep fried and cooked with dried chilies. This was okay too but then again, serving was small.

Seafood Tomyam Soup (medium) priced at Rm 10 was on the salty side as well, a little sourish and not spicy enough and it was not the very authentic Thai style. We were all very hungry till we could actually eat a horse; hence we had no left over on the plates.

Overall, the food was just ordinary; portions were small and kinda pricey. Guess it is normal in this tourism island.

Telaga Café & Restaurant
Petronas Quay,
Telaga Harbour Park,
Mukim Padang Matsirat,
07000 Langkawi.

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20 thoughts on “Telaga Café & Restaurant @ Langkawi”

  • daphne,
    it was a great holiday. yep, it brings back all those nice memories. sigh… it’s quite sad also cz i am writing on my previous holiday rather than going for a vacation in this long holiday!

  • It’s ok…i still have Siem Reap trip from last July which I have not blogged. I cannot even recall the names!

  • precious pea,
    haha, nvm, slowly recall those name. i m waiting for ur siem reap trip post ya.
    reading ur blog as though watching the discovery food and travel! haha

    aiks, but then langkawi is not a food heaven. >_<
    not as good as food from penang

  • small portions? they look pretty big from here. hehe … sigh, and I have not even stepped my virginal foot on Langkawi’s soil … paiseh …

  • Hmm.. Looks like the food is so so and it’s quite expensive. But as you said, it’s always like that in tourist spots. As tourists, we still have to eat. Haha! Anyway, the main thing is that enjoyed yourself! 🙂

  • yupe, tourist spots are liddat, i guess…but i’m sure you had a great time at the beach…photos coming up soon??

  • 才刚刚在vivi’s blog受苦..



  • j2kfm,
    yeah, the dishes were very small serving. and then the food taste so-so only. jz to stuff our stomach but not satisfying our taste buds.

    sugar bean,
    you guys went to langkawi before, guess you know the price of food there e… sigh… food taste really so-so and expansive. but we truly enjoy ourselves there! 😛

    nic (khkl),
    errr… i kept focusing on food and din take much photos of beach wor… aiks aiks… anyhow, i will try my very best to korek those nice scenery pic. heheheeee

    hi, welcome and thanks for dropping me comments. Lol, the food may look good e?! but then they dun taste that good X_X

    and the rice is actually quite small lor, not enuff for the guys

  • I wanna go for a holiday at Langkawi!!!
    pics were great gal 🙂
    guess I’ve to wait…:(

  • kyo,
    hahaha, well, dun hav to imagine much. there are more coming ups better food, i will specifically write on which is the better nicer food ^_^

    yes, the sky was really blue and bright at the time we were there. this was not a good sign cz it was really hot and warm and we sweated a lot! it’s so uncomfortable.

    i also wan! i wish i could have a nice trip this holiday. how?!?! gonna waste up this holiday adi lar. sobz

  • glad that you post langkawi pics now… i may plan for a short vacation…. pls post more!

  • awwwwwwww langakwiiiii!! this restaurant always full of customer.. sadly we cant try it out with the limited budget!

  • new kid on the blog,
    sure sure. i will try post up asap. by the way, when are you going to langkawi?!
    enjoy ur vacation ^^

    full of customers?! wow, i can’t believe it. we were lucky then. hehe, no customers at that time. well, the environment here is great ^^

  • Very interesting post on Langkawi. I went there a few times but haven’t come across this restaurant. Perhaps I shall watch out on my next visit there. Btw, good photos.

  • hi hi…. maybe early june…. that’s why right now, keep surfing for hotel, food review….

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