Kedai Kopi Hai Peng @ Kemaman + What to do in Kemaman?!

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Yum Zhou Char 喝早茶 
Morning tea (or coffee/kopi) is a habit to us; a cup of hot tea or coffee with a packet of nasi lemak or kuih. That satisfy ones tummy.


My aunts love hunting for food. When we were in Kemaman for a short break last year, we never really stayed in the rooms but went out early in the morning for breakfast, lunch, hi tea, jalan-jalan and back after dinner. Back after dinner was considered very early for them (as there isn’t much to do in Kemaman. If you happened to follow them to BKK, gosh… We would only go back to our rooms at 1am), we then bought some snack (eg: satay) back to our rooms, tv-ed and supper. 


One morning, we woke up early for this – Hai Peng Kopitiam


Very well known kopitiam; it was crowded in the morning and we had to fight for seats. 



Coffee for sales; you could get some as souvenirs. 


All the delicacies are packed nicely and arranged on the table. Just choose what you want.


Kopi Kemaman – fragrant strong with caffeine. 


Fried Bee Hoon


Nasi Lemak; Nasi Dagang – sort of like glutinous rice and served with fresh ikan tongkol


Fermented rice wine kuih?!

and the rest, I couldn’t recall their names. I will just let the photos do the talking part. 




The food was alright and the Kopi Kemaman was something you must really try (if you love caffeine). However, the prices for each are slightly on the higher side. Honestly, I don’t expect the price for food is such at this small area

HaI Peng Kopitiam
3753, Jalan Sulaimani
24000 Kemaman,
Tel: 09-859 7810

And so, what to do next?!


Zoo!!! You may not fancy this but the kids love it. 





Kemaman Mini Zoo
opens daily from 10am to 5pm


Tea Time! We found Apam Balik near the market area.


Kijal Lemang – one of the specialties here at Kijal (about half an hour drive from Awana Kijal Resort)


Everyone is selling the same thing here along the road side. Just pick a stall you fancy lahhh… 


The lemang were cooked to the perfection in concoction of coconut milk, spices and seasoning. Do forget about the calories at the moment and try it out. 


How can you missed out Keropok Lekor when you are here


Another popular snack among the local folks – Keropok Lekor or fish crackers.
I am not sure what kind of fish they used to make these, but they were really good – chewy fragrant fish paste stick. 


and Pisang Goreng.
Fried stuffs are yummy. Be sure to drink up tons of water after these.

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6 thoughts on “Kedai Kopi Hai Peng @ Kemaman + What to do in Kemaman?!”

  • yes, that's the standard price for eating outside in kemaman, haipeng just a little 10% pricey than others. there is another local food that you shouldn't miss, fish soup noodle that only can be found in kemaman

  • anonymous,
    oh i see. it's really pricey to dine in haipeng @@

    the fish soup noodles you mentioned??? where is it??? mind to provide name and address?

    • Thank you for the recommendation.
      will try it out if i happened to be at Kuala Kemaman again.

      is there any possibility for you to pass me the address or the GPS coordination? Thanks

      • ..dont know about the GPS co-ordinate.. but at the end of the road @ kuala kemaman, take a left turn and go straight..then u will find the warung..mi with fresh ikan/udang/sotong or even ketam also…

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