Trip @ Part 1

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I had a wonderful trip in Penang and Langkawi on 28th April till 1st May with my aunt and her 2 children, her friends and my sister (who was here for a week vacation). We overnight a night in Golden Sands Resort (by Shangri-La), Penang and 2 nights in Holiday Villa located at Pantai Tengah, Langkawi.

28 April 2007

Stayed at the highest floor which was at 7th floor and here is the view from my room. Lovely, right?! I love the beach and the sea. Besides, the facilities of this resort were at my satisfactory. The sea view was great.

Penang is well-known with delicious and mouth watering snack. Ate ‘Ang tou bing’ (red bean ice kacang), char kuey teow, popiah (but not as tasty as those in KL cz it was kinda wet. There was soup in it), loh bak as our lunch. The ‘Ang tou bing’ from this shop tasted not good, my aunt’s friend brought us to try out the real nice pure cendol + ‘Ang tou bing’ sold at one kaki lima nearby. Unfortunately, I have no photos on those yummy dishes.

Here is what I got, a pic of Loh bak.

On the way to where we stayed, we stopped by to buy fried snacks.

The two above are pisang goreng.
The round is fried ‘lv dou gao’ (fried green bean paste)
The huge one is fried ‘nian gao’
As for dinner, we dined in the hawker center situated in the town center. Food was great! We had laksa, rojak and a variety of seafood like crab, clams and oyster. (sorry, no pics too). Then we headed to another place for drink. Well, the drink was… ahem… liquor. Hehe.


29 April 2007

We had local food, laksa for lunch which was the well-known stall near kek lok si (temple). Before we left, we bungkus this along. ‘mua zi’ also one of my favourite. It is made by glutinous rice along with pandan leaf syrup and sprinkled with crunched mixture of peanut and sugar.

By time, we took the 3.30pm ferry ride to Langkawi Island. The jetty at Kuala Kedah stinks. Disliked the smell of that place.

Arrived at the langkawi’s jetty kinda late. Let me count, the ride was about 1 ½ hours. Therefore we hurried to the duty free shops shopped for goods. Look at me, how excited I am. There were full of chocolates behind me. Hohoho~

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