Trip @ Part 3

  • Sumo

01 May 2007

This was our final day. Sis and I woke up at 7am. Both of us hurried to the beach while others still in their sweet sweet dream. Another photo shooting session began!!!

Sob. Sad to leave the island. It has been a long time I never step my foot on the beach. In love with the Golden brown sand and the cool sea water. It was about 2pm when we arrived at Kuala Kedah. We then went for lunch and bought local delicacies, dodol in Pekan Rabu, Alor Setar. ^^

All of us filled up Aunt’s car and headed to Ipoh for dinner.

Our yummilicious dinner — Seafood dinner!

Crab Crab (they were fresh as aunt’s friend just got them from Taiping)
Steam fish
Steam Crab (taste juicy!)
my favourite again! fried prawn cooked with oat and salted egg.
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