Pineapple rolls

  • Sumo

Started my first day of holiday yesterday and in a sudden, I feel bored, very bored… this is the holiday I always want for but holiday will gonna be meaningless if I have nothing to do. To fill up my time, just simply write up something here… well,I don’t mean to write too much about food here. Arghhh, I really have nothing to do.

This morning after breakfast, made the pineapple rolls together with mum. Basically, mum just prepared the ingredients and the dough, and then she left everything for me to finish up. Hehehe…

See these… I made them. The yummy and tasty golden colour pineapple rolls. nice rolls, right?!


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4 thoughts on “Pineapple rolls”

  • Leave some for me ey.. Waiting for you to bake for me next time2! haha.. looks nice and tasty! Good work!

  • haha!! can’t believe u posted so many photos on food!! they all look so nice, made me feel so hungry!! anyway, thanks a lot for the pineapple rolls that u gave me, love it!! 🙂 Hope I can learn from u 1 day!!

  • ahahaha, chingie… hope you like it. me very cha larrr… still have to learn more and experiment more.

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