happy Winter Solstice Festival !

  • Sumo

It’s ‘Dong Zhi’ 冬至 (the Winter Solstice Festival) today! Happy Winter Solstice Festival to all of you.

Ever notice what is this???
That’s the heavy stone mortar and below it was the grinded Glutinous Rice Flour with water in the white cloth packet. Mum bought home some Glutinous Rice and has them grinded. We often have our Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice Ball) homemade as those Glutinous Rice Dough sold in market were added in too much of the artificial coloring.

For coloring, mum used carrot for its orange-y color, pandan leaf for the greenish color, and a kind of blue flower for its blue coloration and the white one was the original rice’s color. We often had the glutinous rice ball eaten with warm sweeten ginger broth. And also the pandan leaves were added while boiling the sweet soup.

These colour are special?! Isn’t it? You can’t get to find these colors of rice dough in the market. Hehehe.

Happy happy Winter Solstice Festival to all of you.


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