Blueberry Cheese Cupcake

  • Sumo

This is my second time on baking the blueberry cheese cupcakes. The first time baking turned out to be unappealing, unattractive and not looking pretty. So, after experimenting, eliminating some parts and changing the ingredients’ amount in the recipe, my big cuppies turned out great, soft and fluffy with the rich cheesy aroma. Yum~

A BIG Thankie to Christine! She surprised me with her designed banner for my blog. She is so talented not only in studies but also in designing *wink*
So, here is the big blueberry cheese cupcake for you. Please claim from me when you are back in KL.


As for recipe, I will post up after compiling everything. If anyone of you wish to try it in hurry, do let me know (arghh, i am a little lazy to type… just need some times to compile).
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