My De-Stress Remedy

  • Sumo

Shopping, eating and baking are always my de-stress remedy! Since my exam is drawing near and all my mid term tests ‘clump’ together in these few weeks, I really have no time to do some crazy shopping or dining out. What I could do at home — BAKING!

Food is always part of my life and so do the desserts. As I promised to update pictures on the nice round cake in my previous post on Japanese Cottony Cheese Cake, here are some of the photos taken today and sorry for the delay…

The Cottony Cheese Cake looks so good in the round pan. I was really happy with the round pan my mum bought. This cake was freshly baked in this evening and guess what?! We have wholloped half and left the remaining half for breakfast tomorrow!

Due to the lack of lemon juice, I substituted it with 3 big table spoons of orange juice. It turned out soft, fluffy and tasty as well!

Each bite just melts right in your mouth!

For the cottony cheese cake lover, do try a hand on this adapted recipe (here). it is very easy to follow and bake ~


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25 thoughts on “My De-Stress Remedy”

  • nic (khkl),
    haha… extra??? they are all in my stomach. hmmm, this one with orange juice is still okay but not as sourish as the one using with lemon juice. or maybe my fresh orange juice not concentrated enough.

  • Wahh…so light and fluffy. I can imagine it melting in my mouth. Ok..i think am convinced to try your recipe this weekend! But do you recommend orange or lemon juice? is it a must to put in lemon juice?

  • oh u bake to destress? haha i used to do tht– until i got tired of baking and getting ingredients which i’d prolly only use once ;p so i cook to destress *grin*

  • thank you so much for helping me bake these for my food fair dear! So laris you know! I din even get a bite for myself! wanna curi makan also cannot.. 🙁
    Next time you must bake for me again yea! ;P

  • precious pea,
    ohh… it is not a must to put in lemon juice. i myself prefer lemon juice than orange. lemon give a little fresh sourish taste. it will be alright if dun wan to put juz afraid that the dough might be to hard to mix evenly before mixing with the cheese.

    lyrical lemongrass,
    Lol. you can bake it! ^^ and all ur baking and cooking are awesome! i wish i could try out yours!

    ahhhahaha, paiseh paiseh. you can try out this recipe for your hubby too! ^^

    wan more?!

    lol, i dare not lar… cz there are big big Shi Fu aka Sunny there >_< he will do the baking lar~
    this is my best remedy, BAKING! becz i dunno how to cook. that’s terrible me. sigh…

  • christine,
    thanks dear… thanks a lot. i do hope your frens will like it and hope the food fair went well. will you post?

    i deno how are they taste and how well are both da cakes cz i cannot try myself. very afraid they dun work. >_< no worry, next time will bake for you (cz u love it)~ ;P

  • ohh i remember your previous post on this. i think i might try this during my free time this weekend. i just bought 2kg for cream cheese.

  • Wow, since your last posting on Japanese Cottony Cheese Cake till now, I haven’t try out the recipe yet…hmm 🙁

  • Wow, looks so delicious! Eh, when can we try the cake that you bake? The cookies that you gave me for Chinese New Year were fantastic! Can’t wait to try your cheese cake! 🙂

  • Wow, looks so delicious! Eh, when can we try the cake that you bake? The cookies that you gave me for Chinese New Year were fantastic! Can’t wait to try your cheese cake! 🙂

  • ekeng,
    ahahaha, someday somedays. k?

    wow! you bought 2 kg of cream cheese! you must try that out and let me know how you feel bout it k?
    what other things will you make with ur cheese???
    dun forget to share up with us k?!?!?!

    then take some time to bake one! i am sure you can make it very well.

    wenching $ esiong,
    dun worry, for sure will make one and let you both try. ^^
    by the way, where is my Kimchi!!! hehe

    ya, they are really fluffy. you can try out on your own too! ^^

    oh my! i forgot about the cup of coffee everytime i bake and eat this! aiks. next time must really pair it up with coffee. Yum~

  • Wah looks really cotton soft and cloud-like! What a wonderful and productive way to destress ;D

  • I like Jap cheesecake – light and fluffy. I can eat many slices 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

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