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I once asked my friends, “How would you describe ‘Snow Beer’”?

‘Snow + beer lo.’ A simple answer I got from a friend.

‘It was kinda like ice blended but the ice is much softer than the ice blended type.’ Described Yan in a more in-the-heart way.

‘Duno la, dunno how to describe, it looks special to me and it worth to give it a try’ answered Roy in a very blurry way.

‘A type of beer, nothing special, you can get it anywhere’ claimed Jimmy. He said he had them in Sydney before. @.@

Those were the simple answers I got from my friends. Meanwhile, I am really cracking my head, trying to define and describe what actually the snow beer is.

The 2 beer-y people, Ken and Roy brought us here in the night, for a little chilled out, and a little get-together and a small gathered-up farewell for our friend, Yee Meng. (It was not just Lok-Lok only for farewell, we also had the yum cha type for every of our friends who are leaving to foreign countries!)

Ta-da. Crystal House Café. We were here for a try out on snow beer. 2 beer-y people said it is special. Why not just head down and have it a try?

One of our friends had this which I have forgotten what that was.

Also this, must be some kind of tea with pearls?!

We had some beer too. (Of course! That was the main purpose we were there! Thanks, Yee Meng for the treat ^_^)

Freezing glass from the cool freezer. This may be a clear glass or may be a glass with a little of thin icy ice adhered on the wall of the glass. Not sure as I was too sleepy and tired, couldn’t open my eyes BIG BIG enough.

And here was my glass of foamy beer. When the waiter poured us the beer, it turned frothy from liquid. First sip — it was very foamy, quite different from others. There were blended of fine tiny ice as though the snow touched right on your lips. It was not very cold or warm. It was Just at the right cool temperature that soothe your throat and down to your stomach.

Besides beverage, we ordered also snacks to go along with our snowy beer.

This fried squids has my votes. The fried squid may seem normal but it is fried with oats and chili padi. They all had the fried squid while the left over of fried oats and chili padi was finished up by me myself alone. Hehehe. Imagine the aromatic spicy oats… hu-la-la. Maybe I can try it at home?!

Then this fried chicken.

‘Yum Sing’ cheers to our friendships. This was quite a right place for small chat and get-together. Besides, I find the snow beer was quite interesting. At least, it was my first time having this snowy foamy beer. It is special or not, depends on you all. ~

Crystal House Café
No. 1, Jalan Temenggung 13/9,
Bandar Mahkota Cheras,
43200 Cheras,
Tel: 03-90103001

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30 thoughts on “Crystal House Cafe @ Mahkota Cheras”

  • the fried squids sound good wor..i had tried fried prawn with oats and chili padi before..but sotong not yet lor 🙂

  • the snow beer sounds interesting 🙂
    Yen brought us and Lick here about 2 months ago.. sadly, the food was bad.. 🙁
    But i like their apple juice wo!

  • wmw & precious pea,
    the squid was okay but the spicy fried oats were superb! ^^

    they are nice and yummy. try take another try on squid?

    yum seng yum seng. it is always great to yum seng with a bunch of friends!

    nic (khkl),
    lol, it is not ais kacang lar… quit a nice one actually with tiny tiny blended snowy ice.

    they are nice and yummy. a marvellous combination with beer~

    snow beer was nice. the food there not nice?! we didn’t try out their food but just a little snack and beer. ^^

  • The snowy foamy beer sounds interesting. Seems like they have some good stuff to go along with the drinks too!

    Located in Cheras? Bring me there next time ya! Keke!

  • The snowy foamy beer sounds interesting. Seems like they have some good stuff to go along with the drinks too!

    Located in Cheras? Bring me there next time ya! Keke!

  • hazel,
    happy belated chap goh mei.

    yes dear, the squid were real good!

    *nod-nod* agree with you!

    har?!?!!?! i dun believe this! you dun take beer? then wat do you take?

    wenching & esiong,
    it’s located some where in sg. long. i will figure out where is the exact location k? i myself also dunno how to go. can’t wait for our next hang out again. ^^

    hmmm. no le… from wat i observed, the waiter actually pour it very very nice and slowly, no foamy at first. after a while of settlement, the foam ‘grew’… keke

  • sc & new kid on the blog,
    yeppp! that was a great tiem i had with SNOWY BEER!~

    big boys oven,
    we can always Yum Yum Yum again… but better dun give Sunny lar. kekeke

  • now we got many new snack, or who’s cannot drink beer, we also have COKE & SPRITE come out with snow also.

  • alan,
    hi, are you the person in charge from Crystal House Cafe? thanks for dropping by my blog. ^^

    the snow beer is quite an interesting idea. we love that. glad that there are other drink came out with snow too! that’s great!~

  • yes, i am the person in charge at crystal house, so next time when u free just come and try sprite or coke. and other snack.

  • hi, alan,
    thank you for the wonderful information and the address and contact number provided. snow beer is very special. so do the upcoming snow soft drink.

    actually i am wondering how does the ‘snow’ form?!

  • y become snow? very simple only.
    because inside the botol… is -2*c
    so when that drink come out then will become snow … same as winter is almost same..

  • hi, alan,
    a very thank you again for the wonderful tips and info. i am sure readers who have read and interested about this will pay a visit to the cafe and try it out. me and my bunch of frens will re-visit some days ^^

  • Oooo this place is pretty near to my house. I will definitely check it out this weekend. Thanks for the tip 😀

  • This is my complain to Bandar Mahkota Cheras @ coffee kantin(business night time)new nasi lemak stall(chinese ppl)..
    The price is unfair & feel like KL Ctr price for 1 nasi lemak biasa is RM 6.00,i feel like quite expensive because Bandar Mahkota Cheras almost is local resident & is not the travel location.
    Why selling 1 nasi lemak biasa in RM6?

  • hi Lee,
    you meant there is one place call coffee kantin @ bdr mahkota cheras selling nasi lemak biasa at RM 6?!?!

    gosh! that’s really expansive!!!
    thanks for the information.
    we gonna… ‘blacklist’ it first.
    haha, cheer up, i am sure there are more delicious food and cheaper one around!

    thanks for telling us the info

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