When mum is out of town 1: Espressamenteilly @ BV1

  • Sumo

Mum spent her weekends in Bangkok last week with aunt and friends. She shopped, spent in fine dining as well as BKK street food.

Once she got home, she kept telling me about the place, the food, her shopping… from morning till night since Monday! Huh…. I wish I were travelling with her. The ways she describes were fascinating and heart alluring!

The first lunch I had was in Espressamente illy at Bangsar Village 1.

It is located right opposite the chatterbox as soon as u passed the connected bridge from BV2 to BV1.

I was just happened to pass by and the big big sign had my attention. The promotion sets sound great! And my stomach started to ‘sing’ at this right time.
Pasta + drinks at just RM 17
Cake + coffee at just RM 14
Panini + Juice at just RM 16

I opted for the Panini set and Glad that I was given I wide choices to select.

The cup of cappuccino with art (originally priced at RM 10). The cappuccino was freshly brewed. It was the shot of espresso topped with textured, velvety steamed milk.

As for Panini, I had their Focaccia Pollo

it is sandwiched with the grilled chicken breast with Portobello mushrooms, mozzarella, kalamatta olives and conflicts cherry tomatoes on Italian herb bread.

There are some greens served along with the focaccia. This is originally priced at RM 16 but with the promo set, a cup of coffee and a plate of sandwich is just RM 16.

The Panini is seriously large. I could only manage the half of it and took away the other half for my next day breakfast 🙂 I will return for their cakes and try out the other Panini!

Espressamente illy
Lot no. F-12 & F-13,
First floor, Bangsar Village 1,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.

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12 thoughts on “When mum is out of town 1: Espressamenteilly @ BV1”

  • Haha…so cham to listen to your mum’s raving hor? Never mind, seems like you have taken good care of your stomach!

  • new kid on the blog,
    this is what i called the self indulged when mum is out of town.

    precious pea,
    ya lar ya lar…
    mum keeps talking and talking bout her bangkok trip.
    what can i do? so cham
    she is going to philipine in coming july. arghhh… i can only listen to her story errr

  • wow, dont think i’ve seen this place before. but it looks good. haha, ur mum already bought u stuff, dont envy la. haha! can’t finish and have to da pao, large serving!

  • sugar bean,
    i also never notice this place at fisrt. but the big big sign caught my attention. hehe, cheaper price for the set.

    glad to have u up here again. u seems to have disappear from the blog world. ^^

  • Haha, poor thing! My parents doesn’t like to travel (I wonder why) hence, I’m the one who’s telling them stories!

  • jason

    *envy envy* how nice!

    yerrr, why dun persuade ur parents to travel?! let them be the story teller le. keke

  • next time I teman u here ;P
    missed our bangsar shopping days to the max!
    so nice ur mom got to shop and eat at BKK!

  • mimid3vils,
    ya, it is quite a great deal ^__^

    it is nice for mum only ler. not me also. i can only listen to her story. haihzzz

    wait for you to come back wait til my neck growing longer n longer liao… wanna shop shop with you!

    dun merajuk larrr…
    i went there for quite lunch n 1 hr shopping. small treats for me myself la. besides, my eyes super bengkak. cannot meet ppl at that time 😛 would never ever let u guys see me in such a terrible situation.

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