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This…. was happened months ago. I should have posted this earlier but…. Never mind. And now, both Christine and Shu Yin are in Glasgow. Do hope they can cope up with the lifestyle in Glasgow. Add-oil ~


I was late, I was late! I hit the alarm that pointed at 10am. Oh gosh, alarm clock was not functioning again or I may have accidentally slapped it in the middle of my sweet sweet dream. Then hurried for breakfast and had myself all done before 11.30am.
Pheew, managed myself on time.

A big day for me?! Aha… yes you are! I had a girls’ outing with these fab people — Christine, WenChing and ShuYin (a friends of Christine). And yes, we were out for shopping again. (ooops, what’d I said?!) gonna had ourselves a real full stomach before we started our ‘mission’ of ‘treasure digging’, hence, we chose to have a nice hearty lunch at D’lish, Bangsar Village 1 ~

Classic Tuna Mayo in Whole meal bread, a healthy delight.

With the Bottled Apple Juice, a perfect hearty lunch it is.

I was still in my late-wake-up-with-blurry-mind situation; hence I had a Hot Chocolate

And a Raspberry Muffin to put my mind together.

Grilled Balsamic Mushroom Bruschetta was served with cold mushroom and sandwiched between warm toasts. Quite special, I can say but the mushroom was a little too cool. Well, it stated Cold Mushroom, so I guess that’s the main point of this bruschetta.

Smoke Salmon with Cream Cheese was on a lil salty side but served with large amount of salmon slices.

These sandwiches were served with a cuppa of salad.

Guess what?! It was a full house again during lunch time. I was actually wanna try out the Cheese and Raspberry Brownie Cupcake with Chocolate Curls but (with *disappointment*) there wasn’t trace of this in the chiller. I also noticed that the food (or at least the cupcakes) here priced a little higher than the D’lish in Mid Valley. It is Rm 6.50 each in Mid Valley but Rm 7.50 or Rm 7.80 in Bangsar Village (if I am not mistaken).
[Unsure if the price has increased as this was happened in months back. ]

G1a, Ground Floor,
Bangsar Vilalge,
Jalan Telawi 1,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-22881770
Fax: 03-22879770

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