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Winter Solstice Festival is drawing near. As usual, we are going to celebrate this special occasion with all my family members, sitting at the round dining table for a good reunion dinner. Although Winter Solstice Festival will be coming soon at about 18days time, mum has made us her special ‘Tang Yuan’.

We are always happy to have mum’s homemade glutinous rice balls. Like what she did last year, all the steps and processes from grinding to dough making and from raw materials to the perfectly spherical-shaped ‘Tang Yuan’ are done by her all alone.

The glutinous rice balls are made by grinded finely selected glutinous rice.
As for colouring, we use only those natural colouring agents
Orange from the fresh carrot juice
Green from the pandan leaves juice
Blue is from a kind of blue flower

Instead of having the warm ginger soup this year, we have soya bean and red bean soup.
Soya bean goes well with the red bean paste glutinous rice balls.
And the red bean soup goes well with the small spherical glutinous rice balls (without red bean paste).

Yum~ just sapu all~
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13 thoughts on “From Mum’s Recipe”

  • wow. All the tang yuan look delicious. I dont know how to make give me one bowl of colorful tang yuan..ok? hehehe

  • wow, you even have the blue colour from the flower! great!

    have a fantastic “gor dong” this year, ya! 😉

  • mei^^mei,
    hmmm, maybe u can try doing it?! i am sure it’s simple for u cz u can even make kimchi!!!

    precious pea,
    hehehe, be a lil’ hardworking lor, then got really good and much healthier food to eat rather than those artificial coloring agent or flavors ^^

    nic (khkl),
    also, we are planning to use the red dragon fruits flesh for the red color. just happened that mum din get it from the market. next time lar, show u the reddish tong yun with natural coloring agent!

  • I love tong yun with black sesame paste but hard to make it @ home , only made the one with gula melaka filling 🙂

  • squall,
    oh hahaha, very easy only. jz blend n squeeze the carrot for their juice then mix it into dough. u can get orange-y tang yuan!

    agree agree! really ahrd to make the sesame tong yun lar. the one with gula melaka’s filling nice?!?!?!

  • it had been sometime I miss the making tang yuen with my family liao…..

    look delicious la… yum yum

    hi, I am Huat Koay from nice blog u had one…

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