Happy Dragon Boat Festival

  • Sumo

It is dragon boat festival again! Sadly, this year I am not able to celebrate this festival with my family. Thanks to the blogger. I can pre-schedule this post and let it to be published on the right time.

Mum will never disappoint me; she has made me some Crystal Zong Zi 水晶粽 and pre celebrate this festival with me before I am heading for my trip. Don’t have ‘ba chang’ this time; but I do have this crystal zong zi.

They are Soft and chewy. Though mum put in quite an amount of lye water, I don’t feel they are strong with lye water and alkaline taste. These Crystal Zong Zi are best compatible with the handmade kaya by mum. The Kaya is thick with the egg yolks and strong aroma of fresh blended and concentrated pandan juice.

This year, mum is not going to make any ba chang. Firstly, dad and bro don’t like glutinous rice. Secondly, I am away. No one is going to finish her ba chang without me as the family’s DBKL. Next, youngest bro is on his orthodontic braces where he is prohibited from taking chewy food. And finally, mum said making ba chang requires lots of hard work in processing from the raw material to the final product. Well, she has promised to make the Nyonya Zong Zi 🙂

Happy Celebration! ~

Click to view my previous year’s dragon boat festival celebration

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12 thoughts on “Happy Dragon Boat Festival”

  • O.o Didn’t know blogger has this system of posting after using blogger for such a long time. Haha!

    Lucky you, get to eat zhong zi, I don’t care whatever dumpling it is, just feeling like eating one!! Enjoy your trip ya. 🙂

  • Good for you… still can taste home-made bak chang! I can’t even have one bite… huhu.. Enjoyed your trip? 🙂

  • jimmy tham,
    hahahaha, i think aus not allow any entrance of 'pork' n stuff o…

    sugar bean,
    haha, now u know about this system lor. so, how is ur trip to bath? must upload more pics ya. i am getting lazy on blogging… aiksss

    i travelled to shen zhen, china

    yeah, trip was fun and i kinda miss my life, food and stuff there… how is ur trip???

  • Nice. On your pictures, do you put your blog address on them before uploading, or is there a function on blogger that does that?

  • the envoy,
    well, i have pre-set the date and time from the post option area (if not mistaken). then click pubish and the blogger with auto-post it on time.


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