ShenZhen09 Day 1 Dinner & Supper: AirAsia & 福建沙县小吃@益田村

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Back from Shen Zhen and I don’t wish to be home. Time was like fast-forwarding for me during the lovely home-stay in Shen Zhen. Well, I would never regret for cashing out my saving to purchase the air ticket and support myself with the limited pocket money.

Precious Pea has raved about Air Asia’s Pak Nasser Nasi Lemak and I decided to have a try.

The portion was rather small. It came with piping hot fragrant coconut rice, sambal, rendang chicken, boiled egg, peanuts and ikan bilis. I was happy with the pre-ordered system because they give priority and privileges for those who pre-order their meals online. Well, no waiting and no starving for me.

Due to the H1N1 problems that the world is facing now, we were not allowed to enter the airport hall once upon arrival. There were the Chinese health authorities with the masks came on board for the one-by-one passengers’ health and temperature checkups. This took about 30 minutes.

The small portion of Air Asia’s Pak Nasser Nasi Lemak did not really fill up my stomach. Me and sis then visited to small little shop selling 福建沙县小吃 for supper. Their business runs almost 24 hours every day!

We had a bowl of hot piping wanton soups 馄饨汤. There were about 12 to 16 pieces of wanton in my bowl. Priced only at RMB 4

A big portion of 拌面 (priced at RMB 4) is something I like a lot. The noodles were covered with scoops of sesame + peanut sauce. It must be mixed up quickly once it is served. However, this is something not everyone can accept it as one may feel it is too greasy and yucky. But, I love it.

Steamed dumpling 蒸饺. The 12 of these cuties are only RMB 4. Cheap hor???

The steamed dumplings are best dipped with their house’s peanut sauce and also black vinegar. I love them with peanut sauce + black vinegar. I myself can finish up ¼ bottle (big) of their vinegar. 😛

Finally, a plate of green veggies at RMB 3.

Tummy warmth and filled up. All of these are huge in portion and cost at only RMB 15 which is equivalent to about RM 8 J

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17 thoughts on “ShenZhen09 Day 1 Dinner & Supper: AirAsia & 福建沙县小吃@益田村”

  • seem like u enjoy your holiday. the wantan just look like what you can find in Kuching and tasty as well. hehe

  • Emile Zola @ life,
    ya, the steamed dumplings are yummy.
    i still can't find a good one here in msia. 😛

    food are cheap and delicious over there. of course, they do have some which is priced slightly higher.
    here is a place targeting those kids and school children as well as adult

    yaya, can learn a lot of their culture too through their cheap and tasty food during travel

    jimmy tham,
    egg tarts is coming soon. the perfecto eggie tartsss, i miss them a lot!
    sobz sobz, have to study during holiday, so cham ar…

    holiday are always better than school time. wantan in kuching tasty as well?! i bet we can't get as cheap as this ba?!

  • Hehe, finally posting on your trip in China. The steamed dumpling looks good. And everything is so reasonably priced! Awww, I wanna eat them too!!

    When can we travel together? Can wait for the day to come. ^^

  • sugar bean,
    haha, steamed dumplings are good! i have been there for 3 time in the 10days. love the dumplings. they are cuties.

    yaya. do hope we can travel somewhere someday. or at least somewhere in msia first??? i always wanna go cameron highland, no idea why. we must travel!!! 🙂

    hehe, cheap hor…?! u can get cheap food as well as highly priced food in shenzhen. depends on where u go. will post up more soon.

  • sesame peanut sauce is always very appetising!! hmmm, 拌面 sounds like dan-dan mee hor? was it spicy?

  • Hehehe…did i raved about the nasi lemak ar?? i also cannot remember but for all the inflight food, it was considered good lor. Wahh..can't wait to see what you had for the rest of this trip!

  • nic (khkl),
    the 拌面 sounds like dan-dan mee but actually it is not. a different version of mee. it is not spicy but there is strong peanut and sesame taste.

    precious pea,
    you wrote bout air asia nasi lemak before. that's why it tempts me to get them while i m on air asia. hehe. love the nasi lemak a lot but the portion is way to small. guess i need another 1 to full up myself

    hihi, thanks for dropping by. love ur blog a lot where u blog in a very hilarious way. 🙂

  • I love dumplings! and they look good 🙂 I'll make some for u to let u try next time. see if u like it. hehe

  • christine,
    haha, i love dumplings too!
    waiting for ur arts and works o!~
    must have fun in europe and all ur holidays ya!~

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