ShenZhen09 Day 3 Dinner: Street Food + KFC Blueberry Egg Tarts

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It is always best to have street food as dinner when you are feeling still full after the lunch. Along our way to supermarket, there was a lot of street food.

Street Food 1: Chou Tofu aka ‘Stinky Tofu’

‘Stinky ToFu’ is quite similar to the cheese. The ToFu has been fermented for months to produce the overpowering pungent odour and taste; so do those old cheeses.

This is the vendor I used to visit since my last visit 2 years ago. He was still having his business at the same spot near 福民文具批发市场 Fu-Min Stationary Wholesale Centre. He was preparing my order. The ToFu were deep fried before dipping them into the soup-liked sauce and brushed with spicy sauce. After that, the ToFus were loaded with abundant of pickles and coriander.

If I am not mistaken, it was about 8 to 10 pieces of ToFu priced only at RMB 4.

I personally dislike coriander. But once it matched with this ToFu, they become a perfect match! Sluuurrrpp! The ToFus smelled great and tasted Yummy too. It was really irresistible and I returned for more the next few days.

Besides that, I must say, the stinky Tofu here is totally different (taste) from what we used to get from any Night Market in KL. I have tried the one from the famous night market in KL, Yucks. And definitely not as good as this one.

Street Food 2: Fish Ball @ 7-11

7-11, Seven-Eleven stores in Shen Zhen are unlike those in Malaysia. They have Curry Fish Balls, sausages, buns, meat balls…. a variety of choices.

Street Food 3: 烤羊肉串

This was the soft and tender roasted lamb stick. Sprinkled with the fragrant mixed chili powders gave you the acceptable spiciness. For a greater spicy level, just ask them to dust up more chili powders.


Remember I wrote in previous post that there is the perfect place selling Portuguese Egg Tarts?! Well, I am sure you can’t imagine why they have such wonderful yummylicious egg tarts but we don’t have it here!

The Famous Blueberry Portuguese Egg Tarts from KFC this season!!!

The hot piping egg custard centre in the crème-brulee-liked was silky smooth. The pastry shell was buttery and fragrant. Additional with a spoonful of blueberry gave its name — Blueberry Portuguese Egg Tarts. Honestly speaking, this was the best Portuguese Egg Tarts I ever had. I had 3 in a row. The BEST the BEST the BEST!!! My friend, Jimmy who went to Shanghai last CNY got their Yam Egg Tarts. Since then, he kept promoting that China KFC’s egg tart is a Must to try. Sadly, it was not the Yam Season during my trip. i didn’t get to try the Yam Egg Tarts.

Priced at RMB 5.5 for Blueberry Portuguese Egg Tart and RMB 5 for Portuguese Egg Tart. Purchase 5 and get 1 for free. Priced slightly higher but you will never regret from having them. This is the only egg tart so far that really really really melt my heart.

Besides serving hot, you can try to refrigerate the egg tarts for about 5.5 hours. It turns differently. I had 2 kept in the fridge and treated them as my breakfast. My Oh My! They were completely different. They changed into creamy-liked egg custard. Just like those creams in the cream puff.

And, I da-bao-ed a dozen of egg tarts and had them flied back (to KL) with me for my family. They loved them too!


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21 thoughts on “ShenZhen09 Day 3 Dinner: Street Food + KFC Blueberry Egg Tarts”

  • eeep. i dont know if the stink tofus all over the world smell alike or not, but i had the stinking tofu once in the sri petaling pasar malam, gosh, once i put in my mouth, i puked immediately. it was like eating shit literally. =/ so i guess if i ever see it elsewhere again, i am never going to challenge it ever

  • 我試過香港的臭豆腐﹐回味無窮啊﹗不知這家的味道如何?


  • xin,
    lol, i tried the one at tmn connaught pasar malam and this one from shenzhen. it is totally different. the stinky tofu in KL is too extreme. smell like those smelly longkang. but the one in shenzhen doesn't have those extreme smell. yes, there is a little smelly but not as smelly as the longkang.

    it is really yummy. had them til pimples all out. aiks…



  • Did you notice the fried chicken in KFC Shen Zhen is just very small piece? Baby chicken nia.

  • mimi,
    yes yes yes! but it's only in China. not here. it's killing me actually because i am craving for their egg tarts now.

    indeed it was and minus the bad weather. sighhh.

    little inbox,
    is it??? i didn't try their chicken. my aim was only on the egg tarts. haha. erm… the chicken here had too much injection, that's why they are big?!

  • why KFC didn't sell blueberry portugese egg tart here, if yes, I sure will buy. Maybe I should try to do it by myself, ok, let me think how to do this first…

  • jason,
    ya, i miss them a lot too!
    you tried too? but you have your coming trip to satisfy your crave, right? helo me to da bao plsssss…

    i do wish we have the tarts in KFC Msia. too bad, this wish won't come true. sobzzz

    emile zola@life,
    this is a must try item while you get to visit to china. never miss out this! wanna know why, ask jason. haha

  • Wah, you brought it by air back to Malaysia? Aaaaah, I also wanna try! The Blueberry Portuguese Egg Tart really look VERY delicious! When will Malaysia KFC have Portuguese Egg Tart??!!

    And I didn't know you dare to eat chou tofu, I thought you don't like them?

  • sugar bean,
    i love chou dou fu a lot a lot a lot but pls, not the one from cheras night market. it is not as good as this one. miss them a lot now.

    hahaha. ya, the egg tarts sat with me in the same flight at the same time. 😛 they are superb!

    jimmy tham,
    i believe in you!

    seriously, they are the best egg tarts i ever had. i think no one can beat it. how i wish there is the same egg tart from KFC msia.

    stinky tofu, a must to try. but i am not sure if every stalls are having the same taste or what. and be aware of the hygiene and cleanliness of the stalls and the vendors. 😛

    KFC's egg tarts are superbbbb!

  • bbo,
    hahaha, next time i try da bao back. haha

    动 orson,
    hello, welcome to my blog. thanks for dropping by. hahaha, the egg tarts are great!!!

    i do hope KFC here has something like that. goreng pisang is a great idea too. haha

    eh, KFC got new stuff oso. the big cookies with ice cream??? i hav yet to try

  • That food make me feel hungry again.. even if they have Curry Fish Balls, sausages, buns and meat balls. That sound amazing.

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