Shi Xia Urban Village 石厦城中村 & Breakfast @ Shen Zhen

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Hectic schedule always slow down my blog-updating-rate. It has been a long time since my last trip and I don’t even have a chance to update it. Guess it times to write a bit about it, slowly… Instead of doing it following the daily sequence of the trip, I will jump here and there… based on my mood.

For full itinerary, kindly check out HK-ShenZhen 5D4N Trip; 2012

ShenZhen used to be my second home, I traveled there quite often back then in year 08/09. Being a city of immigrant, there are actually a lot to see and explore; the culture, the people, the living… the food.


On the final morning before leaving the city, we woke up early and explored the nearby Shi Xia urban village (石厦城中村). Urban village, 城中村 or literally translated into “village in the city”; is heavily-populated and composed of overcrowded multi-story buildings with narrow alleys in between buildings. The alleys are small and vehicles are difficult to pass through them; therefore, most of the people here are on the bike.


A good thing about this heavily-populated area – that’s the food, filled with lots of good food.




Our breakfast started with the hearty cheong fun 肠粉.
Unlike what we have it over here, their version is a hearty one. With an eggs, vegetables and you tiao steamed with the cheong fun batter, finally drenched it with light soy sauce.


Plain porridge with preserved vegetables; another simple and hearty one.






Need some drinks?! Soy bean milk!
Simply mix the soya bean milk based drink with other beans like mung beans, green beans, peanuts to create a healthy breakfast beverage.



Tian jin soup dumplings (天津灌汤包)
Looks similar like xiu long bao 小笼包 and Sheng Jian Bao 生煎包. This version is more compact and with less soup, but still juicy.



Tujia Zu Xiang Jiang Bing (香酱饼) or this Chinese version of pizza is a very popular snack from 恩施土家族自治州和宜昌市长阳土家族自治县 Tujia, made with vegetables and special sauce that crafted from 30 over types of spices. It was very flavourful with a hint of spiciness, fragranced with the spices. A very addictive snack!




Wanted to try their salad (凉拌) too. But then, we should our stomach for a proper lunch. All above (from porridge to cheong fun to pao(s) to pizza and drink) cost us only RM 11 (for 3 of us) for breakfast.

I am now thinking for a trip with the family in next March, any idea where to for all inclusive holidays?!

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