Venezia Italian Restaurant @ Taman Segar

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Venezia, the Italian Restaurant which is owned by Italians is always my favourite restaurant for their pasta and pizza. This restaurant serves quite a variety of pizza from thin to thick crust; flavourful pasta and spaghetti from the creamy to cheesilicious to sourish or zest up with tomatoes puree…

In conjunction with their third anniversary, they are now introducing WeekDays Set Lunches at nett prices (included the service charges). The set lunches are available from Monday to Thursday, and the promotion is valid until December 31st. Honestly, this is really value for your money.

Set lunches are available in 3 set.
Set 1 comes with Spinach Soup, Fish Pasta in Tomato Sauce and an ice lemon tea. Priced at RM 12 only.

Set 2 comes with Soup of the Day, Pizza with Chicken, Mushrooms and Pineapple with a glass of Coca-cola. The set is priced at RM 14.

The final, Set 3 comes with Mushroom Soup, Grill Chicken Drumstick with Rosemary Lemon Sauce and a glass of ice lemon tea. Priced at RM 19.90.

My brothers and I dined in last Monday. We had Set 1 and 2.

The drinks

Soup of the Day is the Tomato Soup which taste little sourish but definitely boost up your appetite.

Spinach Soup is something I like. The bowl of Soup came with blended Spinach neither too thick nor diluted. It was just the right taste that left on your tongue after swallowing. Yum …

Fish Pasta in Tomato Sauce was great as well. With fresh fish fillets and lots of fresh tomato puree in it. Tasted lil’ sourish but Juicy!

Regular size pizza in thick crust. Full with mushrooms and pineapple.

Only these for three of us?
Of course not.
It would not be a complete meal without desserts. So, what the best desserts in Italian restaurant? It is definitely goes to TIRAMISU.

For every set lunch ordered, you can simply add on a tiramisu at just RM 4.20 nett. Hah… I had a peek on the menu; the normal price for tiramisu is RM 10.90 ehhhh.

Our lunch ended with these superb creamy and fluffy Tiramisu. I was a little too greedy for add on 2 Tiramisu as we were too full after the 2 sets. But it was a great deal and I never want to miss it out. 😛

Venezia Italian Restaurant
No.1, Jalan Manis 4,
Taman Segar,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-91308992

Business hours:
Monday to Saturday: 11.30 pm -3.30 pm — 6.00 pm – 11.00 pm
Sunday: 11.30 on – 11.00 pm
Close on Friday

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14 thoughts on “Venezia Italian Restaurant @ Taman Segar”

  • My my, that IS a lot of food out there!!:p How did you manage in the end? Any take aways for the tiramisu?:)
    Btw, I’ve always felt that the Italian food here tastes better than those in Italy…or probably I tried those crappy ones there:P

  • is this near to Leisure Mall? cz the name does ring a bell.

    and rather cheap sets lah! RM14 for a set with pizza?!! that’s a steal!

  • christy,
    oh, we just stuffed up ourselves in the end. hehe. never want to waste the food.
    the food is great and yummylicious. gonna pay another visit before the promo ends.

    that’s the one near leisure mall. their sets are really cheap. you should pay a visit before the promo ends ya.
    but do remember, the set only available from monday to thursday.

  • thanks, yamini meduri

    aiks, a little far away if u are staying in PJ, damasara those far far area.

    my coffee,
    where are u staying???

    nic (khkl),
    hmm, think there is a bit rum flavour in the tiramisu. a goood one and a great deal to have their set. it would be quite costly for the a la carte.

    oh haha, me n bro din try it out. we were stuffed up for the set 1 n 2 >_<

  • CHEAP!!!!t
    Just went to an Italian restaurant here last week and that plate of seafood spaghetti already cost 13 pounds. But it was DELICIOUS! haha..

    Pls bring me here next time k? hehe…

  • new kid on the blog,

    sure leng, definately will bring u over!~ hope there will be more set lunch after u are back to KL~

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